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06/11/21 - Two10 + Four10 - USA

Hello, I hope all is well! I have owned Two10 and Four10 cabs of yours and they were fantastic. The Two10 seemed like I needed to push it a little harder than I wanted too, and the Four10 was a bit much and would get a little loud before I hit the sweet spot.

I was curious if you would be up for building a vertical Three10 cabinet. It would get the sound up higher without being so tall it gets tippy, still light enough to one hand it, and a perfect match for all these class d heads that do 7-800 watts into 2-2.67 ohms. Fantastic one cab solution for all small to medium sized stages.

You could also use the same finish you do on the 12XN cabs for extra durability. Please let me know your thoughts.

Mike C

Hi Mike,

I know what you mean, it's something I've pondered before - but I think the 2.7 ohm impedance would make it too niche a product. However, we've got quite a few people using One10 + Two10S stacks, which is basically a modular version that gives you three sizes of rig - would that work for you?

Best regards,


The Three10 is now live!