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07/05/24 - Six10 + Two10 - Iceland


I'm a proud owner of Six10 and Two10 cabs since 2016 and they have served me incredibly well❤️

I've been thinking about adding another Two10 cab for a modular setup, running 2 Two 10, either with one or two amps.

Would it be possible to get the 4/12 ohm option for my old Two 10 (serial RT110)?


Hi Gudni,

Glad your cabs are still performing well! We can make you a switchable Two10S kit to update your Two10 - here's that item on our website:

In terms of grill cloth, I can't think of a red one that we currently can get - here's the choices:

Here's the grill cloth customisation page on our site:

The Oxblood is the closest to red. Let me know what you think!

Best regards,