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07/05/24 - Super Compact - UK


The Super Compact stack performed admirably this weekend.

But there's just something about your 10's that does it for me, I like that colouration.

On Sunday evening, with the band following us at the festival, was a very old friend of mine, Shug. He's just a great bass player, one of the best around, who I first saw play in around 1988. At that time he was using an old SVT and an 8x10, and I immediately realised how a bass really should sound. On Sunday, he brought a BF Six10. It sounded wonderful (however he is also a great player). That night started me thinking. The Six10 is a little bit too heavy for me, the Two10 (I've had one), is eclipsed by the SC stack, so I've been looking at your Three10, and tonight I've ordered one from your website. 

Keep up the good work.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the feedback, that's great to hear! And thanks for the order - the Three10 does hit a nice sweetspot!