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09/03/24 - One10 - USA

I own a One10 and really dig it. I don't currently push a lot of watts through it, but nonetheless it gets pretty loud for a little 1x10!

My questions are about the following specs:
  • Broadband sensitivity: 95dB
  • Max power: 250W RMS (500W clean)
I read somewhere that Barefaced doesn't measure sensitivity at the fairly common 1w/1m. If that's correct, how do you measure it? I only ask because it seems comparably loud to other cabs with higher rated sensitivity. 
Next question is the delta b/t 250w RMS and 500W clean. Since different heads have different baked in eq, and different pedals do different things to a signal, there's quite a bit of wiggle room between the conservative 250 and the 500 (which I wouldn't ever try to do with a single One10.) Would say 300-350W with some mild OD and maybe reverb be a reasonable ask of a One10?
My One10 is perfect for what I'm doing right now. As I hope to get into some new playing situations, a matching One10 or Two10 is on the horizon.
Alex says:
Hi Mike,
Glad you're enjoying the One10! Our sensitivity specs are at 1W/1m half-space, as is the standard. The difference is that a lot of companies either pick the loudest point on the frequency response curve, take an average which has no weighting towards the lower frequencies that matter, or seemingly pick a number out of thin air! Or they use the 2.83V standard which gets you a 3dB higher number with a 4 ohm cab.
Our cabs are as loud as its possible to make a cab that still does proper lows, so anyone claiming better sensitivity isn't telling the truth or the cab doesn't do comparable lows so the sensitivity will be lower where it actually matters for bass instruments. 
More info on power handling here:
500W is fine as long as the sound isn't so dirty, and/or your band so loud, that you can't hear the speaker complaining.
Best regards,