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10/06/24 - One10 - UK

I use a pair of One10s as a mini stack - and very fine they are, too. However, I was thinking about changing amp to an EBS Reidmar 502 - will this play nicely (and safely) with the One10s? I suspect the answer is yes, but I'm paranoid and don't want to risk damaging my cabinets. Therefore, I'd be grateful for your view. I've included a link to the EBS website.

Many thanks



Hi Alan,

Glad you're enjoying them! Why are you planning to change amp, is your current one not doing what you need? That amp will be fine though!

Best regards,



Hi Alex

Well…it’s partly GAS, and it’s partly because I’ve been given the opportunity to obtain one second-hand and the Devil is tempting me!
But no: I’m currently using a TC Electronic RH450 - and it’s been fine to date…but since I’m even considering the EBS, I thought I’d check with you first.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.