Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

11/11/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

So I’ve had my big baby 3 for a couple months and am loving it . I have a tonehammer 700 and a ag700 as far as heads go and at 8 ohms they only put out 350 watts . That being said the cab is very loud with those amps . The tone is of course very accurate and natural . The speaker does a great job recreating what I feel is the pure tone of my music man stingray special . Now… i say all that to say this . I just found a crown power amp that was lying around church , and bridged it puts out 700 watts at 8 ohms . So I ran the preamp section of my Aggie amp to the power amp and to the bb3 and wow !!!!!! It is as loud as my 4-10 ampeg ported cab! With beautiful clarity and no distortion . I am very impressed with the engineering of this cab . And at under 30 pounds doesn’t make sense to me . Thank you for a killer product . Def the best money spent on sound gear ever I think . Although I do love my stingray