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14/11/22 - Reformer 112 (G12H-75 Creamback) - USA

I've had 2 gigs with the Reformer 112 and absolutely love it. Since I am in 2 different bands and the other band plays many outdoor festivals, I am looking to purchase the uprising 212V but have 3 questions.
1) What Ohm ratings should those speakers be and would they be wired in parallel or series? (my current amp is a custom tube amp around 22Watts and it has an 8 Ohm output as well as a 4 Ohm output, however, I don't want to limit the possible use of other amps)
2) Could I also add my current Reformer (with an 8 Ohm speaker) to this set up and drive both cabinets?
3) Have you ever made a 4x12 monster? Or, would question #1 answer change if I wanted to drive 2 Uprising 212V cabinets?

I guess overall, I would like a 212V but didn't want to limit myself possibly expanding cabinets.
I wish I understood the Ohm speaker ratings better when expanding.
Thank you so much for your help! All who heard this cabinet these last 2 gigs were very impressed!

Alex responds: 1. This depends on 2!
2. So as you've got an 8 ohm Reformer, I'd get a 4 ohm Uprising 212V. You can then use the Uprising on the 4 ohm tap, and if you want to use both cabs you can daisy-chain them off the 4 ohm tap for a 2.7 ohm total load (which your amp will be totally fine with).
3. We haven't made a 412 guitar cab because there's hardly any situations nowadays when it's a good idea - and because of that you're generally better off with a pair of 2x12" cabs so you can leave one behind when you don't need crazy loud output on stage.