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14/11/23 - Reformer 112 - USA

Dude my mind is blown man!!

I need an extended 1x12 for a Soldano head or should I just do the 2x12?

Or do you think I should just do a 1x12

I am so excited man!! Biggest improvement I have ever heard!?

You are a wizard man!


Hi Trey,

The Radical 212H sounds fatter for sure, whilst the Radical 112SW will sound like the Reformer 112 but bigger/deeper rather than fatter (if that makes sense!)

You'll get more output from the 212 which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how loud you need to be. And obviously more power handling from the 212 (assuming the same speakers) which is a good thing if you're using the 100W head but you'll be fine with that 50W Soldano with a V30 unless you're really pushing it.

So pleased you and your mates are so impressed!