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14/9/22 - Two10S - USA

2.10 arrived

looks beautiful

need a bit of advice connecting up

i run a 800w fender rumble head through the 2.10 i bought a while back

i had the toggle on the back of the head in the 8/4 ohms setting and the 2.10 toggle on 4ohms setting

now that i have 2 2.10s

i have 2 questions

Q1: what should i have the toggle settings set to

Q2: do i daisy chain out of the first cab and into the second or do i come out of the other speaker output on the head



Alex responds: Either switch both cabs to 4 ohms and the head to 2 ohms. Or both cabs to 12 ohms and the head to 8/4 ohms. And then you can daisy-chain or go direct from amp to cabs separately - it's all in parallel electrically so it doesn't matter which you do.