Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

16/03/20 - Big Baby 2 - USA

I received my 2nd BB2 a couple months back, & although I haven’t needed to use/stack it yet together with my other BB2 I got last year, I now have realized that for the gigs when I just 1 cab my BB2 is awesome & perfect! But when I do need a 212 I now know that I would prefer just to have 1 of your stand alone 212’s (SuperTwin or BigTwinII), rather than bringing 2 BB2’s.  My question is- would it be possible for me to return 1 of my BB2’s & cover, which is in absolutely perfect, mint condition, & get that credited  towards your stand alone 212 (SuperTwin or BigTwin II)? I would of course be willing to pay for the 212 upfront, as well as the shipping cost for BB2, & I would also be fine waiting until you received the BB2 back from me to wait on the transaction for the 212… I hope we can work something out, as I truly do love your cabs, but would simply prefer to have 1 BB2 & 1 Barefaced 212, instead of 2 BB2’s.


Hi Shane,
Unfortunately the shipping cost back here will be far too high for that to make sense - you'd be better off financially selling the second BB2 more locally. I will say though, as someone who's around all these cabs a lot, I'd rather gig with two BB2s than one BT2 from a portability perspective, though I'd rather gig with one ST than two SCs. I'd use the dual BB2 stack, it's really great.
Best regards,