Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

16/04/24 - Two10 - USA

Hello! I finally got my cab yesterday … it seems awesome. I just want to make sure nothing is wrong with it. I have an orange terror bass amp. I put volume halfway… treble, mid, and bass halfway… and overdrive/distortion at maybe 2:00 ( or at about 75%) When I do this… it seems like the speakers are “farting” or rattling. Is this simply too much overdrive? What are your thoughts? Thanks!


Alex says:

Hi Parker,
It sounds like you're either clipping the amp's power stage (ie running out of amp power) or running out of speaker power handling, or both! I presume it's pretty loud at this point? It's pretty normal for amps to hit full power with the gain and master volumes both halfway up.
If you switch the cab to 12 ohms and the farting stops then it was the cab being overloaded (or the amp current clipping, though that's less likely). If the farting continues then it's the amp voltage clipping (ie trying to produce more than max power).