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16/11/22 - Reformer 112 (Gold) - Germany

First of all, i am very happy with my reformer 112 cab.
Now looking for the new Usurper210 standard version.

I‘m reading from the description that the cab comes with both rubber feet on base (horizontal use) as well as sides (assume for vertical use).
Is that correct, can this cab being used both equally horizontally as well as vertically?

Furthermore, is the speaker wiring made in parallel, or can I at least opt for parallel wiring, just to get total 8 ohm resistance from 2 pcs G10 16 ohm, speakers?

Many thanks for your quick reply.

Alex responds: Glad the Reformer 112 is performing well! As standard the Usurper 210 only has feet on the base (long side). You could add extra feet to use it vertically but then it won't fit in our official Barefaced cover. It works best horizontally but will still work better than a normal cab vertically. You can now select your impedance/wiring on the product page when ordering a guitar cab from us.