Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

16/9/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

I bought a BB3 at the end of last year and it KICKS ASS!

Now I'm looking to replace my head and downsize but not sacrifice.

I have it down to an Orange Terror 500 (which all reviews say is amazing) and a GK Legacy 800 (I owned a GK 400 back in the day which I loved) and was wondering your thoughts on which you might think brings the beast to bear.

In particular, volume, which while I'm not filling stadiums or anything, just bars, I want to have available.

I come from punk, but am most often playing a wide range of music in my band (60's to 2000's).

Any thoughts you might have would be welcome!


Alex responds: Glad to hear the BB3 is performing well! What amp have you been using recently with it and what do you most like/dislike about its tone, output, etc?