Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

17/03/20 - Reformer 112 (G12T-75) - USA

Today, I had my first in-person interaction with another human in 7 days when the FedEx man delivered by gorgeous new cab this morning (thanks, COVID-19). It was absolutely love at first sight! (Me + the cab, that is; not me + the FedEx guy…) The cab is mercifully light weight, stunning to look at, and it sounds absolutely MASSIVE - I am thrilled! 
Question for you: Why does it have two inputs? I didn’t see that covered in the instructions.
Thanks so much! Hat’s off to the team! A+++ work! 
Hi Adam,
that feedback has really perked everyone up!! We're very happy to hear that you're enjoying your cabinet! 
The secondary output can be used to link another cab, should you wish to add one further down the line. 
Any issues, please just let me know and we'll be happy to help! 
All the best from me and the team!