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17/06/24 - Reformer 112 - Ukraine

Hi Alex,

I received a "nudge email" that said if I had any questions. I'll try to be brief: I had a Reformer with a 12" Fane Medusa 150C (very loud speaker). Amazing sound, very good dispersion, much louder than I needed (sold it to finance my honeymoon).

I now want to get an Activier cab with a 10" speaker (Fane Medusa 10, 75 watts). I'm unsure wether I should go with the Upsetter, Reformer (currently my top pick) or maybe even Mutiny (if a 1x10" version is possible). 90% of the time I play clean to medium gain.

Most important to me is dispersion. I don't need a gigantic sound, but it shouldn't sound too boxy either. Is there a big(!) difference between the 3 cab sizes, both in "bigness" and dispersion? If not, transportability wins for me.

2nd question: the Fane has some oddball mounting values. Could the cab be made for 12" and come with a custom adapter ring for the 10" Fane? Or maybe even two 10" adapter rings, 1 for the Fane and 1 for Celestions, so I'm super flexible for the future?

That's it! Let me know, what to order.




Hi Tim,

In terms of dispersion they're all the same. The smaller cabs don't sound boxy but the bigger the cab, the bigger the lows get. In general it doesn't make much difference with guitar, unless you're chugging, especially downtuned, so I usually recommend you get what looks best or fits your portability needs. We can absolutely do a 1x10" or 1x12" version of the Mutiny. We can do the 12-10 adapter, just let us know the BCD and baffle holt cut-out of the Medusa 10. Put the order through with two adapter plates and we'll do the custom dimensions free of charge, just add the dimensions to the order notes and email us to make sure we don't miss it!

Best regards,