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18/08/21 - Four10 - Denmark

I thought I just drop you a line about how much I dig my Four10 after its initial run of gigs. Two very different ones- one on a large outdoor festival stage and one playing on a lawn below a pavilion to keep us dry during rain.

What can I say- coupled with my Orange AD200B, it does everything I hoped for and wanted out of replacing my Super Twin (which was amazing in its own way). It really punches, can get super deep super loudly, is an easy schlep and sounds perfect no matter  where I am in relation to it. It’s very easy to sound good and hear myself clearly in a band mix, audience digs it (so I heard after the show we played on the lawn, at the other one folks most likely heard the PA).
With the Four10, I feel I’m getting maybe a 610-killer (although I don’t know, I never use that kind of volume anyways) and at first glance it does what one would expect from the typical 410, and that is fast attack with a truly massive percussive punch, like a low-tuned drum, followed by a rather growly tone. That punch and growl is the main difference to the Super Twin. 
All settings equal, the Four10 seems to have slightly less bottom end and considerably more low-mid growl. 
So, at first, the Four10 is not as utterly amazing as the Super Twin, it comes across as being “just” a very very good and pretty loud 410. 
The amazement comes later: When you lug it around and feel it’s literally half the weight of what you would expect or remember from other 410s. When you move around the room, be it alone or in rehearsal, and the sound stays very much the same, as opposed to vital mids disappearing while off-axis. Or, when you crank the bass knob and suddenly you have way more real low end than usual in 410-land. With better tighter sound at much higher volumes. So yes, the Four10 can sound “like” a fridge, but it can easily outperform a fridge in terms of low-end. 

So, I’m very happy already, and I will probably only get happier after having spent some time with the Four10 and the drivers have loosened up.