Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

18/10/19 - Reformer 112 - Germany

Cab arrived safely.

I tested it against the Quilter Blockdock HD 12inch... and what can I say... the Quilter will be sent back :-)

Loudness is pretty much the same on them but the Reformer sounds so much rounder, warmer and overall nicer to my ears.

The fun fact is that the Quilter has a 300watts neodynium speaker inside and the ga-sc64 has only 40 watts but is as loud as the quilter :-D

Well done folks! I love it!

I now finally found my perfect lightweight combination. At less a quart of the weight of my fender twin reverb, but a nearly equal sound. Gotta love it.

Also loving the green tolex and silver front. Looks awesome.

Greetings from a very happy customer