Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

19/04/24 - One10 - NZ

I live in NZ and I own a fabulous 1x10 Barefaced cab. I will be in the Uk in June and wondered if could visit you guys in Brighton because I want to buy another 1x10.
There is a waiting time I know but if I order it when I come over, it could be shipped by the time I return to NZ in Early August.
Besides which I would love to see the place myself.
You mentioned you are in the planning stages for a bass amp (for double bass?) How is that coming along?
I have a 1990’s Walter woods 100 watt amp and with 2x 10” cabs….well!


Hi Steven,
Yes, no problem, let us know when you're coming. The lead time isn't that long now that we're fully stocked with 10CR drivers again. Bass amp is making progress, I was testing it yesterday! Still plenty to do though... Glad you're loving your One10!
Best regards,