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19/04/24 - Super Compact + Two10S - USA

I am very happy with the cabs I ordered- a Super Compact and a Two10S (just arrived today!).

In particular I love the sound of my stingray through a Genzler Magellan 800 through the Super Compact. Clean, it's awesome, and when I throw on a lot of thick distortion it just really shines. I thought that maybe I'd like the distortion more on the Two10S, but it just comes through so clean on the Super Compact. The bass response between the two amps is pretty much spot on with respect to the video you did comparing the two lines.

My question is this- if I were considering a Super Twin, how important is it to have the tweeter do you think? I know there's some comparison in one of the videos but on my computer I just couldn't really tell. This would be for rock or heavy psychedelic rock songs. The only reason I'm considering it is for gigs where I'm not mic'd or going through the PA, but the room is decently large. For practice, the smaller ones are perfect. I might be able to mix the two but I'd like to just travel with one cab.

I appreciate any thoughts you may have. I realise this might be a silly question.


Hi John,

Tweeter or not is very much personal preference. If the SC has enough highs without a tweeter then so too will an ST. Glad you're loving the cabs!