Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

19/07/23 - Big Baby 3 - Netherlands

Dear Alex and magicians,

I absolutely love my Big Baby 3! Fellow musicians are wondering why they now hear what I have been playing for years. Great sounding gear! 

I decided to buy another one to stack the Big Babies. Actually, I already ordered my second one! I happen to notice that there are no 3D-edges to hold them in place. My amp is sometimes ‘walking’ over the Big Baby and right now, I solve this by putting a layer of 1 inch thick granulaat (rubber) in between them. But I do not know if that works for a stacked duo BBs too. Do you have any tips for me? 

Niek de Wit

Alex says:

Hi Niek,
Glad you're loving the BB3. I've never heard of a stacked Barefaced cab going walkabouts - the rubber feet and the fact they're heavier than tiny class D heads tends to keep them in place!
Best regards,