Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

20/06/24 - Super Twin - USA

It’s amazing. Really liking the form factor, weight, & performance so far.

It is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to transport than the Mesa 2X15 I had before (now sold).

The only things that could possibly make it better for me would be:

Tolex option (as you’ve mentioned)

A bit wider, for tube amps/ rack cases (as you’ve mentioned)

Deep dish handles possible on this new version?

Modular options (new wider with tolex)

Barefaced bass amp to sit on top.

The current Super Twin is arguably perfect as is, though.

I feel the trade offs between the current & new option will serve different owners equally well.

Looking forward eagerly to all the details/official announcement!

P.S. I want to thank you & your team very much for all the questions you answered, and overall customer service received during my purchase. Isaac was also a delight to deal with. Even though I had many more questions for him, and changed my order more than once, he always made me feel like a most valued customer. Truly a gem.

It is this type of experience you & your team have provided, that has made me a customer for life.

Thank you.



Hi David,

Not sure on the dimensions and weight, other than it being 24" (610mm) wide. Ports will be hidden behind the cloth grill. There'll be space for dish/bar handles so it'll have them. Sound will be as close as possible to the Super Twin. I guess a wider Super Compact is possible, it would be about the size of a Two10 - will see if there's demand! Not sure what we'd call that though... (We've called this the Super 24 - it's a 2x12=24 and it's 24" wide).

Glad you're loving the Super Twin!