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21/01/18 - Four10 - UK

First of all I’d just like to say how thrilled I am with my Four10 which I bought off of you at the tail end of last year. I currently have some bits up for sale to fund a Two10 to add to it ;) I’ve read on previous threads on BC about the tolex covering peeling which I believed you sorted with some better quality glue.

However my valve amp kicks out a lot of heat and I noticed at last rehearsal it was causing the covering to bubble up a little. This is by no means a moan more so I just wanted to make you aware of it. Can you maybe recommend a heatproof mat or similar to separate the head from the cab?

I noticed on the owners group on Facebook people were talking about vibrations from the cab wearing valves out quicker. Whilst I haven’t noticed excessive vibration maybe some sort of a mat could serve a dual purpose. Let me know what you think


Hi Mark,
Glad you're enjoying the cab! That's an unusual tolex thing - haven't heard about that before. Any foam will act as insulation and vibrations do wear out valves so there's no harm damping amp vibrations with foam (even if the cab isn't vibrating it's generating acoustic output which could set the amp off). The denser and slower rebounding the foam, the better for damping.
Best regards,