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21/02/19 - One10 - France

Just dropping a line to let you know that I had my first band experience with my One10 yesterday. Alex, this cabinet is perfect!

So far I had been using it on my own, for practice and I loved its sound. But yesterday in the jazz workshop was a revelation. The sound is incredibly homogeneous across the frequency range. Each note is tight, full-bodied, punchy, clear and accurate. I was playing my Hervé Prudent five-string Lolita electric double bass through an Ampeg PF-350.

You've found the perfect formula! I had never heard that sound in real life (I had on recordings but not in real life). I just had to roll off the bass to 10 o'clock and add a little mid on the PF-350 EQ

I realize I had been trying to achieve this sound with my generation one Big Baby (no tweeter) and it took me quite a lot of tweaking: switching the midrange driver to "flat", fitting my Markbass MoMark with a tube preamp, fiddling a lot with the EQ (quite a challenge for me: a four-band EQ including two semi-parametric!).
With the One10 it's all here, easy and straightforward. Congratulations and deep thanks Alex!