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22/04/24 - Super 3rdT - USA

Hi, I recently bought your Super 3rdT and love it! I'm looking to buy another cab and am torn between the BB3 or another Super 3rdT. I understand that these 2 cabs do not work well together, but my question is will a BB3 have close to the same output as 2 Super 3rd's?...and/or is the BB3 so much better tonally that's worth just carrying one as opposed to 2 Super 3rd's? Thanks!!


Alex says:

Hi Mark,
The max output of the BB3 and S3T is pretty much the same, and the BB3 is just a bit more accurate and goes a bit lower. Adding another Super 3rd T is definitely the way to go! Glad you're loving the first one - the stack will be epic!
Best regards,