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22/05/24 - One10 - USA

Hi Alex,
As I stated in previous email, I am enjoying my 1 x 10. I currently only have a Bergantino forte d amp, which I would like to save for bigger situations than practice and lessons and small group stuff. Do you have a recommendation, preference, suggestion for a portable / compact amp that would pair well with the 10? 
BTW, I sold my Big Twin 3 this morning which I bought in 2022 and even after providing free shipping and packing (and the fees r*ping from Reverb) still made my purchase price back and a little extra. So definitely held its value! It was just way more cab than I would ever need. Still have my BB3 and love it. 
OK, thanks! 
Hi Randy,
To be honest we have people using pretty much every amp with our cabs! I'd get something that you can return if you don't like it or a used bargain you can sell for no loss and see how it matches with the One10. If it was me I'd just use the Forte but I'm ironically minimalist with my personal gear purchases! ;-) Glad the BT3 worked out such a great financial deal - they do seem to hold their value well.
Best regards,