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22/10/22 - Radical 212H - USA

I just received my Radical 212 about a week ago. Loving it so far. I’ve seen that recently Celestion updated their Vintage 30 design to have transparent dust covers and have seen videos online showing an audible difference in sound to the previous models. (For the better I think.) Does my Radical 212 have this newer version of the Vintage 30? 



Alex says:

Hi Brad,

I asked Celestion about this because I've never noticed a change in the dust cap in the time we've been fitting V30s to cabs. Here's what they said:

"Please rest assured that nothing has changed recently on the Vintage 30.

This video that is going viral demonstrates that the product now is much better than what was being produced in 2006. (16 years ago)

That is a fact, but it’s not down to the dust cap. We always reserve the right to make improvements to products that are already in production.

In this case, here’s proof that a bunch of small tweaks and better build consistency over a period of time have made a great product even better."

Glad you're loving your new cab - spread the word!