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23/01/24 - Reformer 112 - France


Hi Alex,

Very much loving the the Reformer 112 You made for me last year.

I ordered it with the default Vintage 30 driver. I'm now thinking of swapping the driver out for a Creamback G12H-75 which increases the headroom and possibly sounds even better while (somewhat miraculously) still managing a 100dB sensitivity. Although this has a bigger magnet (according to the Celestion website) there appears to be enough clearance to the edges of the AVD sonic wondrousness and the back of the cone would be in the same position WRT to the resonator/horn and so presumably in practice, this is a straight swap?

Please keep making the YouTubes, I find them fascinating.


Hi Jon,


The H75 is a great driver but definitely not an improvement on the V30, just a different tone. They have the exact same (big) magnet too. It's quite a popular choice as a custom driver in our cabs, we've done plenty of demo videos comparing them so you can have a listen on our youtube. Any Celestion ceramic or neo guitar 12" is a straight swap. Glad you're loving the cab!