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23/01/24 - Super Twin T - USA

Hi Alex,

Today, ahead of schedule, I am in receipt of a great deal of cardboard, blue-green L-shaped foam, and “fragile” tape. Inside of all this was something that might weigh less than the packing materials: an absolutely gorgeous Super Twin T. Wow! It’s so easy to carry, and so spectacularly finished.

And then there’s the sound. I’ve only explored it for about an hour so far and it’s quite extraordinary. It is so sensitive to what I do with my hands and how I adjust the amp gain and EQ. I’ve never experienced a cab quite like this, and I think I’m probably hooked. The range of what it can put out — not only in terms of volume but also in timbre — is very revealing and intriguing. Suddenly, I noticed what sorts of strings I had on my basses and which ones I want to change. My old Trace Elliot 2x10, even with its replacement rare-earth-magnet speakers, can’t do this.

This is going to take a little exploration and getting used to. I was a  little worried that this cab would only feel like a modern rock machine; that it wouldn’t let me dial things back and get a more retro/vintage sound from a P bass, or that it would invariably sound too scooped in the mids. But I don’t think any of those things are true. The tone and driving force seem to come down to what I feed it and where the tweeter control is set. BTW, I’m impressed that incremental adjustments to the tweeter control actually make a difference. I’ve only ever hand on/off or high/low switches in the past.

In short, there is going to be a whole lot to explore with this cab. It presents itself as very versatile. I’m grateful!

Hopefully, one of these days I’ll come to the UK and maybe we can go for a bike ride together. :)




Alex says:

Hi Tom,
Glad you're so impressed - our 12XN speakers are pretty incredible!