Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

23/05/24 - Two10S - Austria

Dear Barefaced Team,
It’s Feedback time after testing my 210S.
First of all the whole process was very easy and your FAQ‘s on your side are perfect.
Also the delivery was very fast and without any problems. Beside of buying a cabinet without testing, that was a big concern since UK was leaving the EU.
Now to the process. I wanted a new cab because my Ampeg 410hlf was very dark and had not that much of clearance I‘ve looking for. I used it with a Ampeg CL SVT together with a Musicman Stingray.
So after searching through the internet (I was looking for a 4ohm cab) I found out that Tim Commerford played a Barefaced. So from that moment on I checked all your videos and was stunned.
The only problem was that I had no chance to try it. And only because of some famous dude plays something, that doesn’t mean that it automatically good.
But after I wrote Alex, I was sure that this time it was different.
Ok then placed the order.
So the amp arrived and it looked very great, extremely light and compact. 
At first I tried it out with my sire Jazz bass together with the 300 SVT CL and from that moment on I fell in love. I played some pop/funk/punk  stuff but on lower levels of loudness. 
I‘ve put everything on neutral on the EQ like it was mentioned in the introduction. But it made such a difference in even with not using the EQ. It was „loud“ but very clear ab not muddy.
Then it was time for the 210 to play loud and against two orange guitar stacks and a loud drummer.
Setup Stingray - Ampeg CL - Barefaced 210
This time we played new metal tuned on D.
Long Story Short the 210 killed it. Before I bought it I read that it loves tube amps and now I know why. The sound came so punchy and fat. 
I put the amp and the cab on my 410hlf. So the 210was not on the ground. 
I ve had so much fun playing the 210 and I finally found the tone I‘ve ever wanted.
Then I was thinking  on the description on your homepage for the 210. „Great until rock bands get LOUD“
The cab is very very loud so how freaking loud would be a 410 or 610.
Long story short, 
Awesome brand awesome customer care. You guys love your products and you can feel it when you used it.
Wish you all the best! 
Thank you for making such amazing videos and content. 
Now I can proudly say that I‘m a part of the Barefaced community.