Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

25/12/22 - One10 - USA

Hi, I'm pleased with the One10 I have, so easy to carry and set up. However, I'm now playing in a rock covers band and finding that I have to go pretty loud to get through, particularly in medium/larger clubs with stages etc. And then the tone seems to suffer. I have a Darkglass 500 head.
What is the best way to go? Lightweight is important! A second One10, a Two10? Or something different? I think I'd like a fatter low end, but with maybe a bit sharper top end when some numbers need it. Tweeter?

Oh, what is the best placement for the one10 in gig situations. I'm always at the back with everyone stood in front with the one10 on the floor. Would it be better to raise the speaker on a (small) stand, or is floor resonance useful?


Hi Bill,

A rock covers band sounds pretty loud for a single One10! Adding a One10T will make it fatter and louder and give more treble brightness. Where to place the cab depends on the room and situation. You generally want at least one solid room boundary nearby (floor or solid wall), more nearby solid boundaries give more lows, fewer cost you lows.