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26/11/23 - Super Twin - UK

I've got a Super Twin that I bought from you five or six years ago, best cab I've ever had. I want to add another 12 to it and have the chance of a Midget at a very good price, laid on it's side the Super twin would stack almost perfectly on it, is this going to work, as in will the drivers work well together? I'm assuming they're identical drivers. My amp is a Mesa D800. Thanks


Alex says:

Hi Steve,
Do you mean a Midget or a Super Midget? If the latter, then yes they're 12XN drivers, same as the Super Twin. If the former, then that's a 3012HO with quite a different sound (more mids, less bottom, less top, and less clean and smooth sounding), and less power handling.
We do make a really nice little 1x12XN cab that's made for stacking on the Super Twin, called the Super 3rd:
Glad the ST is performing well!