Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

27/04/24 - Six10 + Two10 - USA

I need your advice. Should I place a sheet of 1 in thick foam under my 610 cab for an upcoming outdoor show to help acoustically isolate it from the stage?

No PA support for bass, and stage is rather rustic—wood frame, stage surface made of 2 by 4 wood planks nailed to the frame, surface about 3 feet above the ground. Somewhat uneven surface with some gaps (couple millimeters) between the planks.

Love your 610 (and your 210) btw. Thanks—kind regards.


Hi Marshall,

I doubt a bit of foam will help much and you don't want the cab wobbling about! Try to position it near a corner or edge or braced part of the structure. Glad you're loving the cabs!

Best regards,