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27/05/16 - Four10 - NZ

Hi Alex, just wanted to let you know I am totally enamoured of the Four10 and frankly none of my (embarrassingly too many) other cabs are getting a look in. The Four 10 is a natural fit with each of my four tube heads, it has its own character which is just what I hear in my head for my more r'n'b/blues style of playing, but it also still lets the nuances of each different head come through. Despite the delivery mix up I am very happy with the metal grill and will stick with that in the future. I have just replied to my fourth private message on Talkbass about it, so seem to be an unofficial ambassador for the Four 10. I hope it is transferring into sales for you. I am still contemplating getting a 12 ohm Two 10 to place on top, although I have yet to get close to the limits of the Four 10. If I do so I would probably get a four ohm crossover sent at the same time in case I ended up using it more as a single cab - how much does a backplate/crossover cost?

Many thanks,

Tim Walton