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28/06/24 - Big Twin 3 - USA


Some years back I bought a Big Twin 3 (order no. 3092) - amazing cabinet!

One little issue... I have this little, half-inch tall Kodama figurine (the little ghost character from the Miyazaki film, Princess Mononoke) that I would perch on the second-from-the-top front vent of the cabinet, and he fell in !

I was moving the cabinet to clean a little bit and forgot he was there. Anyway, my question is - what's the best avenue you think to open up the cab to try to rescue my little friend? The front grill and top speaker, perhaps? I'm not sure on the schematics of the cab or frankly, where this little thing ended up precisely.

Let me know what you think ! :)



Hi Tim,

You don't need to open it up, you should be able to shake him back out through the port! Turn it on it's side, tilt it backwards a bit and shake it into the port, and then it'll roll out. Glad you're loving the cab!

Best regards,