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28/9/22 - Big Baby 2 dual cab stack - UK

I have a couple of Big Baby II cabs that I normally use for bass but I'd like to also use them as a PA for a friend's swing band.

Is there any bracing that I would need to avoid if installing top hats?

Thanks in advance


Alex responds: You'd need to reinforce the base panel on the inside, so it's 18mm thick minimum, and mount the top hats with bolts and t-nuts, not wood screws. It's a fair bit of work to do well but not that complicated - grill off, speakers out, insulation out in places (you'll need to make sure no sawdust gets left behind stuck in the insulation), cut an internal reinforcement to fit neatly between the spine braces, glue it in solidly and then the four bolt holes and top hat hole through the lot, fit t-nuts and use silicone to make sure there are no air leaks past the top hat before bolting it in place. They do make great PA speakers!

Thankyou for that Alex.

Much more helpful than I could have hoped for.
A nice little project for me.
As you already know, your cabs are miraculous.