Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

29/03/23 - Uprising 212V - UK

Hi I hope you can help me?

I own a Barefaced Uprising 2x12. Unfortunately the grill cloth suffered some damage recently. Would you be able to supply the grill cloth material for me to re-cover please? I am quite competent and capable but don’t seem to be able to find anyone that supplies the exact material. It is your standard silver grill cloth.

Irrespective of the above, my band’s bass player James, uses Barefaced cabs exclusively and has done now for a few years. Obviously, they are unarguably impressive and as a guitarist I was also inquisitive.

The uprising (with cream backs) performed good enough to replace my Marshall 1960TV cab (4x12 greenbacks). I was then hooked on the quality of sound and dispersant and even replaced my Marshall Plexi head with a Revv D20. The Barefaced cab absolutely compliments it and is so much more useable.

Thanks in anticipation


Hi David,

Yes, we can sell you some of our cloth - presumably you need a piece pre-cut for an Uprising. I'm guessing you'll need beading/piping, foam tape, one bit of velcro and the fabric tab for pulling the grill out? How did the cloth get damaged? It's pretty tough but the world can be sharp/pointy.

Glad to hear the cab is performing so well - spread the word!

Best regards,