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30/05/24 - Upsetter / One10 - UK


I already have an Upsetter with a speaker rated at 60w @ 8ohms. With your activier amp is that rated at 100w into 8 and therefore safe to use with this cab?
Can they be retrofitted?



Hi Steve,
Unfortunately they can't be retrofitted but you can use your current cab as an extension speaker for more output or stereo. Our experience regarding power ratings with solidstate amps is that you're absolutely fine using an amp rated at double the speaker's power, as that gives you 3dB of clean headroom even when cranked. As always with amps and speakers, you can't 100% guarantee that something won't get blown but the risks are no greater than using lower power valve amps because valve amps can be pushed so much harder and still sound good, which raises the average power level and it's the average power level that overheats and kills speakers.
Best regards,

Hi Alex,

Thanks very much for this. I don't need another guitar cab at the moment, the one is enough for my needs. I think I may go for an Orange PedalBaby as I have what I need in terms of pedals and a valve pre-amp.I'm still loving my 2 OneTens and this Upsetter too! I have been running the Upsetter from my Vox MV50 clean (pedals in front for the sound) which was loud enough for a large hall gig but it's been a bit unreliable and I need to upgrade.

Thanks again for your prompt response.