Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

6/9/22 - Super Midget - Germany

My current rig is a Barefaced Super Midget with a Walter Woods blue light for big stages and a Walter Woods red light for smaller venues with doublebass. Preamps EBS Valve DI and Sadowsky. Instruments old Fender Precisons an Jazzbasses.

The Super Midget is for me the perfect box, small & light, powerful, vintagewarm and super for doublebass and - it has a good vintage design (this is also important!:)

If you want to hear a negativ point, I dislike the old Logo. It don`t fits to my vintagelove, the new logo is perfect. I know you established the old brand:)

I think about buying a One 10T for small doublebass gigs, I had a good sounding Glockenklang 10“, but it was too heavy.

Best regards!