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8/11/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

Proud owner of the Big Baby 3 here!

Got a question about hiss.

I've been running the cab with a Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.2 and it's brilliant! Today I decided to check out the Audio Form Factor BI1000DI and with gain at about 3 and master at about 3 the hiss is unbearable.

Question: Is this normal, have I just been running the Genz-Benz which outputs 375W and now hearing a 600W via the the BI1000DI or is BI1000DI just complete shit with very bad noise floor?

It sure doesn't feel/sound like a normal thing, but I haven't been around in the cab/head area enough to know if this is normal.


Alex responds: Glad it's sounding great! Regarding hiss, cabs don't hiss but all amps do (to some degree). If there's a lot of hiss then it's an amp issue - usually a design/product issue, not a fixable fault. Having a few dB more power should only add a few dB more hiss if you're increasing the gain too - and a few dB isn't much anyway.