Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Customer Feedback

16/12/22 - Six10 - USA

I tried the Cabinet in a different room & outside. It works fine, it’s amazing how the littlest thing can make it sound like somethings wrong. It sounds wonderful, nice and clear, good bottom, and easy to maneuver.
Thanks for the quick responses to my questions.
Take it easy, have a nice Holiday season.

14/12/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

Can’t believe how much crystal clear sound and big bottom end comes outa this 20ish pound 12” cab

I love this thing !


12/12/22 - Dual BB2 and Dubster 2 PA system - Mauritius

Hello again! My sincere apologies! I got some unplanned things again! I promise ill come back for a one10 next year! I didn’t know you’d set up a link that fast!

Btw I just used 2 BB2s and a dubster 2 (i remove all the hypex though, using qsc amps)

The sound was awesome!!! I got internationally successful jazz artist (not giving names but big names) complementing the sound all night! The qsc (gxd series) really bring out the best in them! Thanks for your marvelous products and all the knowledge that was available on the old page.

Again my apologies for the change pf plan! I’ll revert next year!

Jean Jacques

12/12/22 - Big Twin 3 - USA

Last and final update I hope. After the previously mentioned phone call and without notification my cab was loaded on a truck and delivered a few hours later. I have inspected it and it appears in good working order and thus far my toddler has informed me that it is plenty loud enough. Thank you for the superb product and the willingness to help when issues had arose. I look forward to many many years and many many gigs with this, and so does my back.

-Seth Welty

10/12/22 - Reformer 112 (Neo Creamback) - UK

It sounds huge and is lighter than imagined. Alongside the St James works so well.

10/12/22 - Big Twin 3 - UK

Sounds lovely, very warm.

7/12/22 - Four10 - New Zealand

Also letting you know the Four10 cab is awesome and really loving it.
I’m trying to sell a couple of other items as I’m keen to add a 210S early in the new year.
I’ll be back in touch for that.

Thanks and kind regards


7/12/22 - Usurper 112W (Redback) - UK

I’ve gigged mine a couple of times since picking up both the cab my new amp and the sonic hugeness plus the clarity and being able to hear yourself regardless to the orientation of the cab is quite something!

I’m hearing things I play which used to get washed into the live mix.

Even musicians I know who have been in the audience have commented on the clarity, hearing every note.

Kind Regards


6/12/22 - Super Compact - UK

Guys. Let me just say “What a Cab”!. Absolutely awesome detail, thump and clarity all at the same time.
I’m looking forward to winding it up even more in the near future.

Great work

Quick question. Would there be an issue with adding a one 10T to the SC? I know the power handling is different but I’m wondering if the 10 would cope. I’d be using a Genzler Magellan 800.

Cheers again guys

Alex responds: Glad to hear it! I don't generally recommend mixing our 10CR and 12XN cabs because they're so different, not just the power handling.

6/12/22 - Big Twin 3 - USA

As the BT3 speakers break in do they get louder or is it more of a tone thing? I did a rehearsal with it last night and I had to run my amps master volume considerably louder than with my previous 1x12 and 4x8 rig. Normally I'd have the amp volume 1/2way up. With the BT3 I had it about 75%. Far louder than I've ever run it and it still didn't seem to fill the room in the same way. The backline rig at the rehearsal space is a mesa mpulse600 with a diesel 2x15 cab loaded with Eminence Legends. That's what I normally rehearse with because it's there already. That rig I usually have the master volume at 25/30% and it is WAY louder and room filling.

So was feeling a little nervous after that first time using it but also know there is a break in period.

Just curious on your thoughts.


Alex responds: Sorry to hear about this - no, they don't get louder, the tone just gets a bit cleaner/prettier. It might be that the cab is a lot cleaner than your old rig, so you're not getting the extra perceived loudness from speaker distortion. There's a tiny chance your cab has a manufacturing fault with mismatched polarity speakers but as we check that it's pretty unlikely - you can check this by applying a 9V battery to a 1/4" lead plugged into the cab (with no amp connected) and watching to make sure both woofers jump in the same direction. I'll be perfectly honest, this is quite odd because the BT3 is a very loud cab! Let me know what you find out.

Josh replies: Just an update. I think you were right about the head (trickfish class D) and cab being to clean. Took a little to adjust to the sound. I love the sound for my upright but have found I much prefer my class a/b head for electric when paired with the BT3. 600watts of solidstate A/B power is gnarly through the BT3

1/12/22 - Four10 - USA

Finally got it yesterday afternoon thanks guys plugged in and it’s hitting like a ton of bricks!!!


1/12/22 - One10 - UK

Thanks guys this One10 is amazing in every way! Regards Nick