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Six10 / Six10T

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Our first 10CR model, designed to replace an 8x10” in terms of loudness, tone, bottom and punch, yet as small as many 4x10” cabs (it’s taller but shallower) and very light for its size.

Superior dispersion from the Barefaced Line Array design and tight controlled sealed cab thump with hugely increased power handling efficient from the Hybrid Resonator enclosure. The ultimate solution if you’ve always wanted an SVT+810 stack but can’t face moving a traditional fridge without roadies.
Need more output? Add a Two10S for a modular Eight10 stack.


  • Six 10CR extended-range drivers
  • Hybrid Resonator enclosure
  • Barefaced Line Array crossover
  • Single large resonator outlet on base
  • Single top strap handle
  • Dual side bar/dish steel handles
  • Tiltback wheels and large rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Heavy duty black tolex
  • Black or silver high strength cloth grill


(H x W x D)
90cm x 61cm x 33cm
36" x 24" x 13"
Steel 31.5kg / 69lbs
Cloth 29.5kg / 65lbs
Steel (with tweeter) 32.5kg / 71lbs
Cloth (with tweeter) 30.5kg / 67lbs
Broadband sensitivity 103dB
Max power 1500W RMS
Max Output ~135dB
Frequency Range 25Hz - 6kHz (-20kHz with tweeter)
Impedance 4 ohms

Customer feedback

25/06/24 - Six10 - USA

That cabinet is an absolutely amazing and it will be on some big stages soon.

Thanks for taking care of me.


07/05/24 - Six10 + Two10 - Iceland


I'm a proud owner of Six10 and Two10 cabs since 2016 and they have served me incredibly well❤️

I've been thinking about adding another Two10 cab for a modular setup, running 2 Two 10, either with one or two amps.

Would it be possible to get the 4/12 ohm option for my old Two 10 (serial RT110)?


Hi Gudni,

Glad your cabs are still performing well! We can make you a switchable Two10S kit to update your Two10 - here's that item on our website:

In terms of grill cloth, I can't think of a red one that we currently can get - here's the choices:

Here's the grill cloth customisation page on our site:

The Oxblood is the closest to red. Let me know what you think!

Best regards,


07/05/4 - Six10 - USA

I LOVE the cab. Best cab I've had in 30 years! Running a Canadian Dingwall into a Fender Super Bassman in the the Six10. It's bliss!


27/04/24 - Six10 + Two10 - USA

I need your advice. Should I place a sheet of 1 in thick foam under my 610 cab for an upcoming outdoor show to help acoustically isolate it from the stage?

No PA support for bass, and stage is rather rustic—wood frame, stage surface made of 2 by 4 wood planks nailed to the frame, surface about 3 feet above the ground. Somewhat uneven surface with some gaps (couple millimeters) between the planks.

Love your 610 (and your 210) btw. Thanks—kind regards.


Hi Marshall,

I doubt a bit of foam will help much and you don't want the cab wobbling about! Try to position it near a corner or edge or braced part of the structure. Glad you're loving the cabs!

Best regards,



12/04/224 - Six10T - Belgium

The cab arrived today. First test sounds great! And huge in my living room. Tomorrow first "live studio session". Curious. Thanks for the good work.

Yours sincerely,


06/02/24 - Six10 - USA

Hey guys

I started rehearsals for tour today with the 6x10 and sounds killer

Billy Cordell

16/12/22 - Six10 - USA

I tried the Cabinet in a different room & outside. It works fine, it’s amazing how the littlest thing can make it sound like somethings wrong. It sounds wonderful, nice and clear, good bottom, and easy to manoeuvre.

Thanks for the quick responses to my questions.

Take it easy, have a nice Holiday season.


27/03/20 - Six10 - USA

On a much happier note, here’s the big fancy rig I’ve been dreaming of for years!

Thanks again to the barefaced team!

11/05/19 - Six10 - UK

Still managed to squeeze the Six10 into a very tight spot in a pub beer garden yesterday. Gotta say the Orange BT Mk2 and the Six10 combo is killer for my sound, it's got balls!


17/01/19 - Six10 - NZ

Currently on tour with the David Brighton Space Oddity Bowie Tribute show in New Zealand. The Six10 is doing the business!


10/01/19 - Six10 - Norway

About to fire up this Six10 beast for the first time at band rehearsal. Gonna blow everyone away with awesome sound! As it said in the Barefaced instruction: turn it WAY up, then turn it down when the band complains 😄 Also trying out some DR neon strings, but I think they look a little tacky on my Pedulla


28/01/17 - Six10 - USA

In the recording studio last week doing a live 3 track video thing. As always the Barefaced cab delivered. Stunned the guys running the studio, they couldn’t believe how great it sounded.


29/10/16 - Six10 - Iceland


Got the Six10 yesterday and I'm impressed beyond words. This thing sounds already absolutely amazing and I'm still braking it in. So musical and nice all all across the spectrum.

Now I already want more :)

Gudni Finnsson