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As loud, fat and punchy as a good 4x10” but half the size and super light.

So much cunning in such a small cab. As loud, fat and punchy as a good 4x10” but half the size and super light. Switchable impedance - 4 ohms or 12 ohms to suit your scenario. Designed to be used landscape for maximum sonic weight or portrait for reduced boom and improved clarity. Stack multiple Two10S cabs with any others in the 10CR range and flick the impedance switch to share power correctly and keep your amp happy. Barefaced Line Array for excellent dispersion either way round and Hybrid Resonator for sealed cab feel and tone but ported cab output and efficiency.
Need more? Use up to four Two10S cabs to make a modular 4x10, 6x10” or 8x10” stack.


  • Dual 10CR extended-range drivers
  • Hybrid Resonator enclosure
  • Barefaced Line Array crossover
  • Single resonator outlet on side/base
  • Impedance toggle switch - 4 or 12 ohms
  • Rotatable design to suit tonal and aesthetic preferences
  • Top strap handle
  • Base and side rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Heavy duty black tolex
  • Powder-coated black steel grill
  • Optional high strength silver cloth grill


(H x W x D)
38cm x 61cm x 33cm
15" x 24" x 13"
Steel 14kg / 31lbs
Cloth 13kg / 28lbs
Steel (with tweeter) 15kg / 33lbs
Cloth (with tweter 14kg / 31lbs
Broadband sensitivity 98dB
Max power 500W RMS (800W clean)
Max Output ~125dB
Frequency Range 30Hz-6kHz (-20kHz with tweeter)
Impedance Switchable 4/12 Ohms

Customer feedback

16/07/24 - Two10 - UK

Rig sounded great. Frankly I didn’t even need to crank it very much. I think because it wasn’t turned up that much it became expressive with ease. Thanks for your advice.


21/06/24 - Two10ST - Slovakia

Finally I've got the Two10ST with stunning purple color. With the Eich T1000 it sounds amazing so far.

I will test it with my band today. I will let you know.

I'm considering to buy another 1x12 and 4x10.


10/06/24 - Two10 - UK

I bought a Retro Two 10 from you a while back and use it with a TC Electronics 550 Watt bass head rated at 4 Ohms. Always been very happy with this set up but am thinking of buying a Mark Bass Head as a back up. This is the one I had in mind, LITTLE MARK IV 500W BASS HEAD. Will this work with the cab I've got?



Hi Chris,

Yes, that'll work great! Let us know how you get on with it.

Best regards,


12/06/24 - Two10T - USA

Sounds great, nice and punchy with the vintage vibe I was looking for. Thanks again.


19/04/24 - Super Compact + Two10S - USA

I am very happy with the cabs I ordered- a Super Compact and a Two10S (just arrived today!).

In particular I love the sound of my stingray through a Genzler Magellan 800 through the Super Compact. Clean, it's awesome, and when I throw on a lot of thick distortion it just really shines. I thought that maybe I'd like the distortion more on the Two10S, but it just comes through so clean on the Super Compact. The bass response between the two amps is pretty much spot on with respect to the video you did comparing the two lines.

My question is this- if I were considering a Super Twin, how important is it to have the tweeter do you think? I know there's some comparison in one of the videos but on my computer I just couldn't really tell. This would be for rock or heavy psychedelic rock songs. The only reason I'm considering it is for gigs where I'm not mic'd or going through the PA, but the room is decently large. For practice, the smaller ones are perfect. I might be able to mix the two but I'd like to just travel with one cab.

I appreciate any thoughts you may have. I realise this might be a silly question.


Hi John,

Tweeter or not is very much personal preference. If the SC has enough highs without a tweeter then so too will an ST. Glad you're loving the cabs!

23/05/24 - Two10S - Austria

Dear Barefaced Team,

It’s Feedback time after testing my 210S.

First of all the whole process was very easy and your FAQ‘s on your side are perfect.

Also the delivery was very fast and without any problems. Beside of buying a cabinet without testing, that was a big concern since UK was leaving the EU.

Now to the process. I wanted a new cab because my Ampeg 410hlf was very dark and had not that much of clearance I‘ve looking for. I used it with a Ampeg CL SVT together with a Musicman Stingray.

So after searching through the internet (I was looking for a 4ohm cab) I found out that Tim Commerford played a Barefaced. So from that moment on I checked all your videos and was stunned.

The only problem was that I had no chance to try it. And only because of some famous dude plays something, that doesn’t mean that it automatically good.

But after I wrote Alex, I was sure that this time it was different.

Ok then placed the order.

So the amp arrived and it looked very great, extremely light and compact. 

At first I tried it out with my sire Jazz bass together with the 300 SVT CL and from that moment on I fell in love. I played some pop/funk/punk  stuff but on lower levels of loudness. 

I‘ve put everything on neutral on the EQ like it was mentioned in the introduction. But it made such a difference in even with not using the EQ. It was „loud“ but very clear ab not muddy.

Then it was time for the 210 to play loud and against two orange guitar stacks and a loud drummer.

Setup Stingray - Ampeg CL - Barefaced 210

This time we played new metal tuned on D.

Long Story Short the 210 killed it. Before I bought it I read that it loves tube amps and now I know why. The sound came so punchy and fat. 

I put the amp and the cab on my 410hlf. So the 210was not on the ground. 

I ve had so much fun playing the 210 and I finally found the tone I‘ve ever wanted.

Then I was thinking  on the description on your homepage for the 210. „Great until rock bands get LOUD“

The cab is very very loud so how freaking loud would be a 410 or 610.

Long story short, 

Awesome brand awesome customer care. You guys love your products and you can feel it when you used it.

Wish you all the best! 

Thank you for making such amazing videos and content. 

Now I can proudly say that I‘m a part of the Barefaced community.



10/05/24 - Two10T - USA

I received the cab yesterday and wanted to show how it looks with the milkman head!  Thank you so much for a wonderful product!! I am looking forward to my first gig with it tomorrow night, it sounds incredible and is everything I wanted and more!


10/05/24 - Two10T - USA

Got the cab on Tuesday and sounds fantastic at low levels. Excited to get it thumping this weekend!


07/05/24 - Six10 + Two10 - Iceland


I'm a proud owner of Six10 and Two10 cabs since 2016 and they have served me incredibly well❤️

I've been thinking about adding another Two10 cab for a modular setup, running 2 Two 10, either with one or two amps.

Would it be possible to get the 4/12 ohm option for my old Two 10 (serial RT110)?


Hi Gudni,

Glad your cabs are still performing well! We can make you a switchable Two10S kit to update your Two10 - here's that item on our website:

In terms of grill cloth, I can't think of a red one that we currently can get - here's the choices:

Here's the grill cloth customisation page on our site:

The Oxblood is the closest to red. Let me know what you think!

Best regards,


27/04/24 - Six10 + Two10 - USA

I need your advice. Should I place a sheet of 1 in thick foam under my 610 cab for an upcoming outdoor show to help acoustically isolate it from the stage?

No PA support for bass, and stage is rather rustic—wood frame, stage surface made of 2 by 4 wood planks nailed to the frame, surface about 3 feet above the ground. Somewhat uneven surface with some gaps (couple millimeters) between the planks.

Love your 610 (and your 210) btw. Thanks—kind regards.


Hi Marshall,

I doubt a bit of foam will help much and you don't want the cab wobbling about! Try to position it near a corner or edge or braced part of the structure. Glad you're loving the cabs!

Best regards,



27/04/24 - Two10S - USA

Hey just wanted to let you all know that this is by far the best bass amp cab I’ve ever owned. It sounds so amazing. It sounds so big, the bass just fills the room. 

It’s perfect for what I need right now. It’s amazingly light as well. 

It is also beautiful. A truly inspiring piece of art. 

I hope to buy some more stuff from you guys in the future! 

I was looking at other cabs you have… like the 6x10…

One question I have. If I ever did pair my current two 10 with a 4x10 or 6x10… 

Would everything be okay with my amp as far as the ohms go? 

Amp head has a 4 ohm or 8 ohm switch. 

So if I had my amp head switched to 8 ohms, connected to my current cab at 12 ohms…. I could then connect another cab at 4 ohms? Is that how it would work? 

Let me know and thank you!!!



16/04/24 - Two10 - USA

Hello! I finally got my cab yesterday … it seems awesome. I just want to make sure nothing is wrong with it. I have an orange terror bass amp. I put volume halfway… treble, mid, and bass halfway… and overdrive/distortion at maybe 2:00 ( or at about 75%) When I do this… it seems like the speakers are “farting” or rattling. Is this simply too much overdrive? What are your thoughts? Thanks!


Alex says:

Hi Parker,
It sounds like you're either clipping the amp's power stage (ie running out of amp power) or running out of speaker power handling, or both! I presume it's pretty loud at this point? It's pretty normal for amps to hit full power with the gain and master volumes both halfway up.
If you switch the cab to 12 ohms and the farting stops then it was the cab being overloaded (or the amp current clipping, though that's less likely). If the farting continues then it's the amp voltage clipping (ie trying to produce more than max power).


15/03/24 - Two10 - Denmark

I have the retro two10, (4ohm), used with a all tube Marshall super bass 100 w from 1969, with a 4 and 8 ohm switch. ( ohm switch on 4)
I really love the sound and weight of the cab, and my question is... If I add the new two10S, will it give me more power/punch/bottom for use in bigger venues or outdoor gigs?
(This setup compared to the retro six10?)
If so, should my amp ohm switch be set to 4 or 8 ohm, for the best performance?

With best regards,


Alex says:

Hi Svenni,
Yes, adding a Two10S will work very well. I'd make a series loop cable for the two cabs and then run the amp on the 8 ohm tap.

06/11/21 - Two10 + Four10 - USA

Hello, I hope all is well! I have owned Two10 and Four10 cabs of yours and they were fantastic. The Two10 seemed like I needed to push it a little harder than I wanted too, and the Four10 was a bit much and would get a little loud before I hit the sweet spot.

I was curious if you would be up for building a vertical Three10 cabinet. It would get the sound up higher without being so tall it gets tippy, still light enough to one hand it, and a perfect match for all these class d heads that do 7-800 watts into 2-2.67 ohms. Fantastic one cab solution for all small to medium sized stages.

You could also use the same finish you do on the 12XN cabs for extra durability. Please let me know your thoughts.

Mike C

Hi Mike,

I know what you mean, it's something I've pondered before - but I think the 2.7 ohm impedance would make it too niche a product. However, we've got quite a few people using One10 + Two10S stacks, which is basically a modular version that gives you three sizes of rig - would that work for you?

Best regards,


The Three10 is now live!

06/22/23 - Two10 - UK


I've been using these cabs since July 2019, and they've really changed my life for the better! They always sound wonderful, and they're so easy to get about. Thanks for making great things!



03/10/23 - Two10S - UK

Hi Alex,

I'm still loving my Two10S you'll be glad to hear, and I'll get to try out a Four10 in a couple of weeks as part of a communal backline at a festival. This prospect is triggering some major GAS so thoughts are turning to the purchase of a second cab, but I have a doubt I hope you can clear up for me.

For context I pay in a five-piece covers band with vocals, guitar, bass, keys and drums. I usually play through either an Ashdown ABM 600 EVO IV or a Trace Elliot Elf head, depending on gig size, whether I can be arsed making two trips to the car, etc.

As I understand it as a layman, the ABM would put 600W into one cab at 4 ohms, but only 300W into two cabs at 8 ohms (both switched to 12 ohms). I appreciate that double the power ≠ double the volume, nominal impedance, and so on, but I'm struggling to understand what practical benefit having double the speakers with half the power might give, either for myself as the player or the audience, assuming the amp is run at full bore in both scenarios. Is the doubling up of the speakers the most important component?

I'm sure you get asked this question a lot so apologies for retreading old ground!

Kind regards 


Hi Greg,

That's a good question - and very very difficult to answer! Quick answer is that outdoors it probably helps quite a bit, indoors, not so much.

You could of course use the Ashdown to drive one cab and the Elf to drive the other, so when you'd have 600W for one and 200W for the other. Or you could add a Four10 and get 600W into a modular 6x10" stack. Glad you're loving the Two10S!

Best regards,


30/6/23 - Two10S - USA


Hey Barefaced, 

Received the cabinet a week or so ago, took a while, but that isn’t a problem. DHL did good. I missed the first delivery but was at home for the next attempt. 

Had to wait for my speaker cable to arrive, so a little late getting back to you. Cab sounds great. When I cranked the volume loud (about 3/4) I got some natural overdrive which was the best sound I’ve ever heard. Need to figure out how to get that same tone at a lower volume. My amp (Demeter Bass 400D) doesn’t have a gain control. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

Thanks, great doing business with you fine folks. Have a great summer!


30/11/22 - Two10ST - USA

Just confirming I received it today. Sounds terrific! Many thanks again!



29/11/22 - Two10S - USA

Hey I received my 210 and I am thrilled with it. It’s the best 210 I’ve ever heard and it’s replaced my Aguilar SL210 and my GR Aero 212. I also was able to by a Big Twin recently when it came up on Reverb and I’m very impressed by that as well. It’s incredibly loud and clear. It’s big though and more than I need for rehearsal. So I wanted to grab a single 12XN cab to have for rehearsal. My concern is which I should order. I roll of all my highs so I don’t need the tweeter and was thinking the Super Compact was the way to go. But I wanted to confirm that it is as loud as my 210 CR. If not I would order the Big Baby. Please let me know if the Compact is enough. Thanks,


Alex responds: That's great to hear! The Super Compact has similar max output to the Two10S but requires an amp with more power to get there because it's slightly less efficient and an 8 ohm load.

28/11/22 - Two10S - UK

I'm already a happy owner of a Two10S and would like to add a second cab and have a couple of questions.

How would I order the Two10ST? Would I need to do that direct rather than through the web shop?

Alex responds: Yes, it’s now on the website, select the tweeter option on the Two10S

6/11/22 - Two10S - France

I receive my Two10s last Friday, on good conditions, and everything's OK. It works good!

At home, at low volume, it sounds great (with a clean sock in the port) and I'll try it soon with one of my bands.

It's easy to ear the different frequencies between the 2 speakers, and the mids and hight-mids are great (very 70's has I like)

I'll tell you more after a few times of practice

Kind regards,

Antoine, a happy bass player

22/9/22 - Two10S - USA

Hi I recently purchased a used retro two10 to use with my SVT CL and I am in love. I am interested in purchasing a second one. I was wondering if you still had any cabinets left with the old badges with the black cloth grille? Thanks for your time!

Alex responds: Glad you're loving it! We have a handful of the old badges left that are unallocated, so we can make you a matching cab if you get in quick!

20/9/22 - Two10S triple cab stack - UK

Thank you Alex!

And thank you for your amazing customer service and caring for your customers.

You truly build great products and have built a great brand. I wish you all the best success in the future!



14/9/22 - Two10S - USA

2.10 arrived

looks beautiful

need a bit of advice connecting up

i run a 800w fender rumble head through the 2.10 i bought a while back

i had the toggle on the back of the head in the 8/4 ohms setting and the 2.10 toggle on 4ohms setting

now that i have 2 2.10s

i have 2 questions

Q1: what should i have the toggle settings set to

Q2: do i daisy chain out of the first cab and into the second or do i come out of the other speaker output on the head



Alex responds: Either switch both cabs to 4 ohms and the head to 2 ohms. Or both cabs to 12 ohms and the head to 8/4 ohms. And then you can daisy-chain or go direct from amp to cabs separately - it's all in parallel electrically so it doesn't matter which you do.

10/9/22 - Two10S and One10T - Matt Pegg

I have been using my 2x10 and 1x10T for the last year or so, they are both stunning!
Is there any chance of a 2x10T? Or a modification?
I didn’t think I would ever be asking for a tweeter, but the 1x10T is very usable,
I miss that now when using the 2x10 on it’s own.
All the best, keep up the incredible work!

12/03/21 - Two10S - USA

I’m a very happy owner of a One10, Two10, and Four10. I love them, and never want anything else, ever.


22/12/20 - Two10S - Belgium

The cab arrived safe and the first tests with the SVT Skunkworks are just WOW !
Warm, round, accurate, powerful, even at low volume... A pleasure to play, feel like my fingers are directly connected to the speakers.
The tweeter is definitely a great add-on for the use with the Synthi.
Bigger in sound and smaller in size than what I expected. It's amazing how such a small cab can sound so huge.

I'm super happy with my purchase.

Many thanks for your great work and service. 


24/03/20 - Two10S - USA

Thanks for building another excellent cab. Came just at the right time

as we are having a shelter in place order here in Santa Cruz. Maybe that long delay was good after all, now I have lots of time to break it in.

All the best


09/03/20 - Two10S - Sweden

I've tried the 2 two10's out now and i'm very happy! They were perfectly packed, perfect finish, and the sound is just like you and the reviews say.

I like the many options i have, stack them on top ,or beside each other makes a difference in sound. They really work great with my OrangeAD200MK3.

Thank you Alex and the team!


06/03/20 - Two10 - USA

Checking out some new heads and cabs, with the aim of sorting out a lightweight/compact rig for gigs around town that I can easily put in my trunk without me whining about it. Haven’t delved into this area in years, but I’m learning that modern amp/speaker tech is 🥜. So here we have a Bergantino Forté HP, with two Barefaced Audio Two10s. It’s crazy how much sheer impact this little rig has, with a very solid tone. And all three pieces together weigh less than 70 lbs

Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Air)

10/01/20 - Two10S - Denmark

Like the rich, velvety underside of a charging attack mammoth.

That’s with a Genzler Magellan 350 and a Bartolini equipped Jazz Bass.

Just thought you’d like to know.


11/05/19 - Two10 - UK

Lots of clarity - doesn’t even need to be loud to cut through 👌


29/01/19 - Two10 - UK


Just thought I’d let you know that the Six10 arrived and it is amazing. 

The sound of my SVT through it compared to two super compacts is difficult to explain but it’s basically the sound I had in my head when I wanted a bass tone. 

One quick question though. What are the little ribbon tabs on the front for? 



Hi Simon,

Great! The tabs are in case you ever need to take the grill off (please don't though, unless something is broken!)

Best regards,


16/01/19 - Two10 - Australia

Rehearsing with the TWO 10 again last night and weight and power aside the best thing about this little box is the tone. Warm and solid in the mix in a reasonably loud rock band.


21/05/18 - Two10 - UK

I am currently using a Barefaced Two10 along with my Darkglass Microtubes 900 as my main rig. 

I love the sound of the Two10 as well as how light it is. Being able to carry everything I need in one trip from the car into the venue is awesome!

Kieran Jones

07/04/18 - Two10 - USA

The Two10 arrived in great shape, thanks!  I’ll reserve comment on the sound until it fully breaks in, but so far so good!  This is now my 4th Barefaced cabinet that I own (not including the One10 that I bought but resold due to needing more output for my situation).  I still find a use for each and every one of them. I ordered the Two10 because my Super Twin and Big Baby 2 don’t fit in the trunk (boot) of my new car (2017 Mustang convertible).  For the record, the Two10 just BARELY fits ;) I’ve attached a picture. It’s pushed as far forward as it will go. I think that is probably the largest bass cabinet on the market that will fit in that trunk. I’m SURE it’s the largest SOUNDING cabinet that will fit in that trunk by far.

One comment on the padded cover:  I prefer the covers for my ST and BB2 with the Velcro strap on the bottom to help protect that side and keep the cover from coming off.  I would have liked that feature in the Two10 cover as well. Small grievance though.

Thanks again!


02/04/18 - Two10 - UK

Thank you for your advice. I am enjoying the Two10 more and more with every gig and getting lots of compliments, especially on a recording date, the engineer loved the tone.


08/03/18 - Two10 - USA

I just received my Two10 and it looks awesome! Can’t wait to get home and play it!

A very sincere thank you to you and everyone at Barefaced for making such excellent cabinets and providing outstanding service. 

As an owner of a Big Baby II, a Super Midget and now a Two10, I am able to proudly say nothing but Barefaced for me. 

Thank you again.


24/07/16 - Two10 - UK

Hi Folks, just a quick note - been gigging the Two10 and it KICKS ASS!!
Using it with a Road Worn P (LaBella flats), a Diamond BCP-1 and a Markbass SA450. This combination works brilliantly. I can wind up the rig with no issues - a throbbing, muscular yet well-defined tone that just gets as loud as it needs to be with no fuss and no drama. Plus I can be heard at ANY position in the room. I'm absolutely loving the baked-in sound of the cab too, it's 100% what I was looking for. EXCELSIOR!! :)