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Super Twin / Super Twin T

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How can so much volume, so much midrange punch, so much fat bottom and such sweet venue-filling treble come from a cab that's so easy to move?

The purity of two 12XN drivers in a highly optimised enclosure, no tweeters, no crossover - just added simplicity. Replaces cabs twice its size and many times its weight. Goes loud with very little power, goes VERY LOUD with loads. As always with Barefaced, outstanding dispersion because that matters


  • Dual 12XN extended-range high-accuracy drivers
  • Monocoque Spaceframe enclosure
  • Vertical slot port and thermal convector
  • Consistent polar response when vertical or horizontal
  • Dual side strap handle
  • Top strap handle
  • Tiltback wheels and large rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Durable textured acrylic finish
  • Powder-coated black steel grill
  • Optional high strength silver cloth grill


(H x W x D)
74cm x 48cm x 34cm
29" x 19" x 13.4"
Steel Grill 18kg / 40lbs
Cloth Grill 17kg / 37lbs
Steel Grill (with tweeter) 19kg / 42lbs
Cloth Grill (with tweeter) 18kg / 40lbs
Broadband Sensitivity 100dB
Max Amp Power 1200W RMS
Max Output ~133dB
Frequency Range 30Hz-4kHz (-20kHz with tweeter)
Impedance 4 ohms

Customer feedback

20/06/24 - Super Twin - USA

It’s amazing. Really liking the form factor, weight, & performance so far.

It is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to transport than the Mesa 2X15 I had before (now sold).

The only things that could possibly make it better for me would be:

Tolex option (as you’ve mentioned)

A bit wider, for tube amps/ rack cases (as you’ve mentioned)

Deep dish handles possible on this new version?

Modular options (new wider with tolex)

Barefaced bass amp to sit on top.

The current Super Twin is arguably perfect as is, though.

I feel the trade offs between the current & new option will serve different owners equally well.

Looking forward eagerly to all the details/official announcement!

P.S. I want to thank you & your team very much for all the questions you answered, and overall customer service received during my purchase. Isaac was also a delight to deal with. Even though I had many more questions for him, and changed my order more than once, he always made me feel like a most valued customer. Truly a gem.

It is this type of experience you & your team have provided, that has made me a customer for life.

Thank you.



Hi David,

Not sure on the dimensions and weight, other than it being 24" (610mm) wide. Ports will be hidden behind the cloth grill. There'll be space for dish/bar handles so it'll have them. Sound will be as close as possible to the Super Twin. I guess a wider Super Compact is possible, it would be about the size of a Two10 - will see if there's demand! Not sure what we'd call that though... (We've called this the Super 24 - it's a 2x12=24 and it's 24" wide).

Glad you're loving the Super Twin!


25/06/24 - Super Twin - USA

I got the cab today. It looks beautiful, and it's very easy to lift, but I have to be honest: I'm disappointed in its ability to produce a clear tone.

Compared to my Bergantino two 210s, it sounds blurry. I understand that 10s sound different than 12s, and two boxes sound different than one. To qualify my assessment, I have been playing bass for 40 years—I just can't get a clear finger tone out of the 212. I have played other 212s (the Fearless F212, for example). The Barefaced sounds woofy to me. I can send you a video if you like.

My questions are as follows: is there a break-in period that your speakers have (that others don't)? And, do you have a return policy if I handle the shipping?

Thank you,



Hi Tom,

Sorry to hear this - hopefully we can figure out what isn't working for you! So the 12XN drivers are super accurate across their bandwidth, they're very honest and accurate from low to high, really flat (no peaks or dips) and clean (very low THD) through the whole midrange. I don't know of any other bass guitar drivers that are like this. The cone itself rolls off at about 4kHz, so the highs are smooth rather than bright. The central dome (dustcap) carries on to about 10kHz but more quietly so it adds subtle detail but you can crank the treble for more bite/brightness/air like a cab with a tweeter.

When the 12XN drivers are brand new the surrounds are much stiffer - once you've played it LOUD for a few hours they soften up and although that minimally changes the low response (the parameter changes essentially cancel each other out), they do change the midrange and treble behaviour. It's quite complicated but essentially the sound starts at the voice coil in the centre of the speaker and ripples outwards until it hits the surround. When the surround is new and hard that ripple (that's creating the midrange and treble) bounces back and interferes with the outward ripples, causing addition and cancellation as well as blurring the transient response. When the surround has softened up then it damped the ripple so very little/none of it bounces back. So yes, the mids will get more clear and tighter as the driver breaks in.

You're not going to reach break-in levels at home, unless your neighbours live a long way away! ;-)

I'd also flatten your EQ, turn up the passive tone knob on your bass, and then experiment with each control one at a time to hear how it changes your sound. And then see how they interact too. Don't be afraid to mess with the gain on your amp too.

I'll be honest, this is the first "I don't like the sound of my Barefaced bass cab" email we've had in a long time, so it's quite a shock! But fingers crossed, we will work out how to get you where you want to be!



I'll keep trying. It requires lots of EQ, and it's still not as clear and direct as the 210s, but it does sound good. 

Hi Alex - a quick update - the cab has opened up a bit and sounds great - thank you


10/06/24 - Super Twin - USA

This past Saturday I used my gorgeous new ST outdoors with a loud Classic/Southern Rock band. The sound was nothing short of remarkable. It's going to be a fun Summer, thanks to Barefaced! (see 'action' photos, lol. Nice sunset.)


10/06/24 - Super Twin - UK

I used the cab twice over the weekend and I wasn't going through the pa on one of the gigs and the cab was outstanding. Loads of positive comments about the cab and how punchy it was.


28/04/2019 - Super Twin + Super Compact - USA

Sure, this picture's blurry but the bass wasn't - it was big time punch and focused motherfuckin tight... second gig w/the super twin and super compact DOIN IT!

Mike Watt 

08/03/24 - Super Twin - UK

Played at a club in Aylesbury this evening, as we were loading in I spotted a fellow Barefaced user loading into the pub next door. I was very grateful for the lightness of my Supertwin, as we were upstairs at our venue 

Si Burge

12/04/24 - Super Twin - UK

The Super Twin is the best cab I've ever owned! Absolutely awesome. Barefaced are definitely my go-to cab manufacturer when I need to replace the Super Twin.

Thanks for the advice.

Best Wishes,


08/03/24 - Super Twin - Canada


Just a quick note to tell you that I got my Super Twin T early this week just in time for my gig.  Big thanks for sending it out on time. So far I’m loving everything that I'm throwing at it. Attached is a pic of my rig (Aguilar is there as spare) with my 1960 P-bass.

Again, thank you!


23/01/24 - Super Twin T - USA

Hi Alex,

Today, ahead of schedule, I am in receipt of a great deal of cardboard, blue-green L-shaped foam, and “fragile” tape. Inside of all this was something that might weigh less than the packing materials: an absolutely gorgeous Super Twin T. Wow! It’s so easy to carry, and so spectacularly finished.

And then there’s the sound. I’ve only explored it for about an hour so far and it’s quite extraordinary. It is so sensitive to what I do with my hands and how I adjust the amp gain and EQ. I’ve never experienced a cab quite like this, and I think I’m probably hooked. The range of what it can put out — not only in terms of volume but also in timbre — is very revealing and intriguing. Suddenly, I noticed what sorts of strings I had on my basses and which ones I want to change. My old Trace Elliot 2x10, even with its replacement rare-earth-magnet speakers, can’t do this.

This is going to take a little exploration and getting used to. I was a  little worried that this cab would only feel like a modern rock machine; that it wouldn’t let me dial things back and get a more retro/vintage sound from a P bass, or that it would invariably sound too scooped in the mids. But I don’t think any of those things are true. The tone and driving force seem to come down to what I feed it and where the tweeter control is set. BTW, I’m impressed that incremental adjustments to the tweeter control actually make a difference. I’ve only ever hand on/off or high/low switches in the past.

In short, there is going to be a whole lot to explore with this cab. It presents itself as very versatile. I’m grateful!

Hopefully, one of these days I’ll come to the UK and maybe we can go for a bike ride together. :)




Alex says:

Hi Tom,
Glad you're so impressed - our 12XN speakers are pretty incredible!

11/12/23 - Super Twin - UK

I am a happy Super Twin owner since 2021. After playing bass for over 55 years, this little monster cabinet is just...  well, super. And super light! Great for a weekend and summer warrior like me.



26/11/23 - Super Twin - UK

I've got a Super Twin that I bought from you five or six years ago, best cab I've ever had. I want to add another 12 to it and have the chance of a Midget at a very good price, laid on it's side the Super twin would stack almost perfectly on it, is this going to work, as in will the drivers work well together? I'm assuming they're identical drivers. My amp is a Mesa D800. Thanks


Alex says:

Hi Steve,
Do you mean a Midget or a Super Midget? If the latter, then yes they're 12XN drivers, same as the Super Twin. If the former, then that's a 3012HO with quite a different sound (more mids, less bottom, less top, and less clean and smooth sounding), and less power handling.
We do make a really nice little 1x12XN cab that's made for stacking on the Super Twin, called the Super 3rd:
Glad the ST is performing well!

29/09/23 - Super Twin - USA

Just wanted to let you know the Super Twin arrived in good shape yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to play out with it at volume yet but man does that thing ever sound good here in my studio. My Fender Neo 410 could never quite get the tone of my GK head. This thing sounds incredible with it.



10/11/23 - Super Twin - UK

Hi this is me with my ST at Winchcombe festival summer 2023 playing with my 10 piece reggae/hip-hop band Dub Catalyst. The ST is perfect for dub reggae, even on a big stage like this and projects the sound really well.

Dan Watson

10/11/22 - Super Twin - USA

I'm really enjoying the Super Twin I bought from you earlier this year. I am also looking at putting together a FRFR-based set up for use with an HX Stomp modeler and a Sumo power amp. Would the Big Baby 3 be a good cabinet for that application?



Alex responds: Glad to hear the ST is performing well! Yes, the BB3 is ideal for FRFR use. Is this for bass or guitar? What kind of gigs?

27/10/22 - Super Twin - USA

I wanted to take a moment and just say a huge THANK YOU to you and your crew for making such an incredible cabinet! The Super Twin coupled with my Bergantino Forté HP is a match made in heaven. 

I’ve only had a chance to play it in a small handful of venues so far, but my band mates and the sound crews and audience members have been commenting on how great it sounds and each time i plug in and play, i get even more enjoyment from being able to hear myself with great depth and clarity. My Serek Midwestern, Serek Sacramento and a Warmoth ‘54 P-bass all respond incredibly well with this rig. It’s also great to be able to make only 1 or 2 trips into a venue rather than multiples and i don’t have to worry about hurting my back moving it around.

Thank you again! Take care,

Djim Reynolds

19/10/22 - Super Twin - UK

It's far and away the best cab I have ever owned! There are already a few bass players in Kent who have purchased from you after hearing mine, and I will certainly spread to guitar players as well.

Best wishes


24/9/22 - Super Twin - USA

Just received the cab, looks beautiful. My amps are at the rehearsal spaces where they're used so I haven't had a chance to plug in yet. The anticipation may kill me. I keep eyeing my blues deluxe but no. I refuse for that to be the first thing I hear through these speakers. As a long time chronic back pain sufferer, lugging this thing down my stairs one handed was delightful.

28/10/19 - Super Twin - UK

Great cab, really made a massive tonal difference compared to my Ampeg and boogie cabs (also a lot easier to move, which was a major factor in choosing it).


03/17/19 - Super Twin - UK

Just a short note to say the Super Twin has blown me away. First gig last night, tone was perfect, our lead guitarist commented that he could hear everything clearly was very impressed. Load in and out was sooooo easy, I'm utterly astonished, thank you so much.


19/02/18 - Super Twin - UK

My Super Twin arrived  safe and sound a couple of weeks ago and had its first outing in The Atlantic Inn Porthleven last Saturday.

It sounded excellent !! and approved by the rest of the band including the Noisy Bugger with the broken ankle!

Many thanks for designing and manufacturing a superb cab.