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Big Twin 3

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Extreme loudness and full-range accuracy that lays waste to all but the biggest conventional bass cabs.

The size of a 4x10" but taller and slimmer so it's easier to move and easier to hear with the output and bottom of a 4x10" plus 1x18" stack, plus far superior dispersion and quicker transient response. For everyone from those wanting to hear their bass like it's through huge studio monitors to those stacking up the gnarliest FX chains and dominating the mix with layers of sound cutting through, sitting under and slotting between walls of guitar noise.

The Big Twin 3 represents the pinnacle of high accuracy bass cab design - taking the outstanding performance of the BT2 up another level. For more details of how the BT3 and BB3 better their predecessors for tone, accuracy and giggability, click on this link!



  • Dual 12XN extended-range high-accuracy drivers
  • Ultra low distortion neodymium HF compression driver with cast aluminium waveguide
  • LR4 crossover with enhanced thermal stability
  • Self-resetting HF driver and crossover protection system
  • Fully variable HF control with treble boost
  • Monocoque Spaceframe enclosure
  • Vertical slot port and thermal convector
  • Vertically aligned drivers for superior polar response
  • SuperCooler Tech for reduced power compression
  • Dual bar/dish strap handles
  • Top strap handle
  • Tiltback wheels and large rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Durable textured acrylic finish
  • Powder-coated black steel grill
  • Optional high strength silver or black cloth grill with white piping


(H x W x D)
90cm x 52cm x 37cm
35.5" x 20.5" x 14.6"
Steel Grill 25.5kg / 56lbs
Cloth Grill 24kg / 52.5lbs
Broadband Sensitivity 100dB
Max Amp Power 1600W RMS
Max Output ~133dB
Frequency Range 30Hz -20kHz
Impedance 4 ohms

Customer feedback

16/07/24 - Big Baby 3 + Big Twin 3 - USA

More fire power than I needed but sounded great! I’m absolutely loving this BB3 and BT3 and together they are a force to be reckoned with! That acoustic drum kit next to me with no glass wasn’t a struggle at all I had to turn my bass down to not shake the metal screws out of the tin roof in that little pavilion.

Thanks again Alex and the gang for making killer gear!


28/06/24 - Big Twin 3 - USA


Some years back I bought a Big Twin 3 (order no. 3092) - amazing cabinet!

One little issue... I have this little, half-inch tall Kodama figurine (the little ghost character from the Miyazaki film, Princess Mononoke) that I would perch on the second-from-the-top front vent of the cabinet, and he fell in !

I was moving the cabinet to clean a little bit and forgot he was there. Anyway, my question is - what's the best avenue you think to open up the cab to try to rescue my little friend? The front grill and top speaker, perhaps? I'm not sure on the schematics of the cab or frankly, where this little thing ended up precisely.

Let me know what you think ! :)



Hi Tim,

You don't need to open it up, you should be able to shake him back out through the port! Turn it on it's side, tilt it backwards a bit and shake it into the port, and then it'll roll out. Glad you're loving the cab!

Best regards,


09/04/2022 - Big Twin 3 - UK


I am blown away by the clarity and depth. Plus it looks great and is easy to move.

Great work Alex, take a bow!



Just letting you know, 2 years in & 100 gigs and I love this cab more & more. Great work!

22/05/24 - One10 - USA

Hi Alex,

As I stated in previous email, I am enjoying my 1 x 10. I currently only have a Bergantino forte d amp, which I would like to save for bigger situations than practice and lessons and small group stuff. Do you have a recommendation, preference, suggestion for a portable / compact amp that would pair well with the 10? 

BTW, I sold my Big Twin 3 this morning which I bought in 2022 and even after providing free shipping and packing (and the fees r*ping from Reverb) still made my purchase price back and a little extra. So definitely held its value! It was just way more cab than I would ever need. Still have my BB3 and love it. 

OK, thanks! 



Hi Randy,

To be honest we have people using pretty much every amp with our cabs! I'd get something that you can return if you don't like it or a used bargain you can sell for no loss and see how it matches with the One10. If it was me I'd just use the Forte but I'm ironically minimalist with my personal gear purchases! ;-) Glad the BT3 worked out such a great financial deal - they do seem to hold their value well.
Best regards,

08/05/24 - Big Twin 3 - USA

Loving my BT3. Seriously, I recommend Barefaced to anyone who will listen!


16/04/24 - Big Twin 3 - USA

I just got my Big Twin 3 today 😳😱 all I can say is wow! It is a Drummer and Leslie organ-rivalling monster! The loudest clearest most amazing machine I’ve ever had the privilege of playing through! And when my Big Baby 3 broke in it was a huge difference so I can’t wait to break in this behemoth! But even out the box - oh my goodness is it amazing ! (Barefaced fanboy for life Mr Alex and the team! ) thank y’all !



15/04/24 - Big Twin 3 - UK

To say I’m impressed with BT2’s replacement would be an understatement. BT3 and I have been out to a number of different stage settings since I took delivery, garnering lots of comments and interest! Of course when it boils down to it, it’s the sound quality and its performance that matters: it is so consistent across the range and I’m definitely enjoying balanced ‘feel’ across the fretboard as there are no dips and peaks in response etc.


14/04/24 - Big Twin 3 - USA

One reason I picked the BT3 over the Super Twin has nothing to do with sound - height. It's perfect music stand height. Trial ran it last night at a jam, and it was perfect for setting music that's close enough to your face that you can actually read it, notes, set lists, etc. It rolls on pavement like a dream, so I found it easier to schlep than the Aguilar SL112


21/12/23 - Big Twin 3 - USA

I’m really enjoying the cabinet - it’s big and beautiful, large and lovely!  

I’ve also got a Big Twin 3 that makes me happy every time I play bass, which is every day.

I very much appreciate the work you and team are doing - thank you!


20/12/23 - Uprising 212V + Big Twin 3 - USA

I’m really enjoying the cabinet - it’s big and beautiful, large and lovely!  

I’ve also got a Big Twin 3 that makes me happy every time I play bass, which is every day.

I very much appreciate the work you and team are doing - thank you!


06/12/23 - Big Twin 3 - UK


I just wanted to send a message of huge gratitude and unbridled excitement in letting you know that BT3 arrived safely today and has been sat acclimatising in my studio for most of the day; I've had a quick moment to plug in and be rewarded with some truly delicious tones! Good lord, it sounds even better than I remember the BT2 sounding!!

Looks alone, it is stunning, I love the baffle colour, it's perfect and I can't wait to get it in front of the camera for a full detailed video review(s) and, of course, busy at gigs being put through its paces for fellow bassists to see.

Dan Veall

06/09/23 - Big Twin 2 - UK

I know from experience it's not as loud as my Ashdown X2 410 but it does sound nicer and more balanced, fits in the back of my hatchback and it's incredibly easy to handle.

A legend of a cabinet no doubt. I will not be changing it I'm a converted barefaced customer and one day I'll get another big twin 2 and have a truly epic rig.


18/12/22 - Big Twin 2 - UK

I'm the proud owner of a Big Twin 2, and I can honestly say that in 40 years of playing, I have never experienced a better cab - it is pure sonic Nirvana!.

Many thanks, and keep building the best cabs a bassist could ever want!


12/12/22 - Dual BB2 and Dubster 2 PA system - Mauritius

Hello again! My sincere apologies! I got some unplanned things again! I promise ill come back for a one10 next year! I didn’t know you’d set up a link that fast!

Btw I just used 2 BB2s and a dubster 2 (i remove all the hypex though, using qsc amps)

The sound was awesome!!! I got internationally successful jazz artist (not giving names but big names) complementing the sound all night! The qsc (gxd series) really bring out the best in them! Thanks for your marvelous products and all the knowledge that was available on the old page.

Again my apologies for the change pf plan! I’ll revert next year!

Jean Jacques

12/12/22 - Big Twin 3 - USA

Last and final update I hope. After the previously mentioned phone call and without notification my cab was loaded on a truck and delivered a few hours later. I have inspected it and it appears in good working order and thus far my toddler has informed me that it is plenty loud enough. Thank you for the superb product and the willingness to help when issues had arose. I look forward to many many years and many many gigs with this, and so does my back.

Seth Welty

10/12/22 - Big Twin 3 - UK

Sounds lovely, very warm.

6/12/22 - Big Twin 3 - USA

As the BT3 speakers break in do they get louder or is it more of a tone thing? I did a rehearsal with it last night and I had to run my amps master volume considerably louder than with my previous 1x12 and 4x8 rig. Normally I'd have the amp volume 1/2way up. With the BT3 I had it about 75%. Far louder than I've ever run it and it still didn't seem to fill the room in the same way. The backline rig at the rehearsal space is a mesa mpulse600 with a diesel 2x15 cab loaded with Eminence Legends. That's what I normally rehearse with because it's there already. That rig I usually have the master volume at 25/30% and it is WAY louder and room filling.

So was feeling a little nervous after that first time using it but also know there is a break in period.

Just curious on your thoughts.


Alex responds: Sorry to hear about this - no, they don't get louder, the tone just gets a bit cleaner/prettier. It might be that the cab is a lot cleaner than your old rig, so you're not getting the extra perceived loudness from speaker distortion. There's a tiny chance your cab has a manufacturing fault with mismatched polarity speakers but as we check that it's pretty unlikely - you can check this by applying a 9V battery to a 1/4" lead plugged into the cab (with no amp connected) and watching to make sure both woofers jump in the same direction. I'll be perfectly honest, this is quite odd because the BT3 is a very loud cab! Let me know what you find out.

Josh replies: Just an update. I think you were right about the head (trickfish class D) and cab being to clean. Took a little to adjust to the sound. I love the sound for my upright but have found I much prefer my class a/b head for electric when paired with the BT3. 600watts of solidstate A/B power is gnarly through the BT3

30/11/22 - Big Twin 3 - UK

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying my Barefaced BT3 cab you guys built for me. Its absolutely immense and is being out through its paces weekly on gigs. Thankyou once again. I've attached a pic.

Kind regards

16/9/22 - Big Twin 3 - USA

I have a brief question regarding mic (Shure Beta 52) placement (without opening the proverbial worm can; future vid topic???) for my wondrous, thunderous BT3. It hovers about 2-5 cm in front of the top speaker (seems to sound best there). I kick down the horn, but wonder if you had any personal recommendations? By the way, the sound was a little different when the bottom speaker was recorded. Thought they'd be identical (more centralized resonance???). Curious about your thoughts.

Will O

Alex responds: I'd put the mic where it sounds best! ;-) You'll be getting more boundary reinforcement from the floor with the bottom speaker, maybe some early reflections of shorter wavelengths too. Glad it's sounding wondrous!

2/9/22 - Big Twin 3 - Frank Vaccarazzi

10/02/20 - Big Twin 2 - UK

Here are some pics showing the three cabs I use in different  situations. The large stage setup is Birmingham Symphony Hall and for context it was a jazz funk gig and after the gig the sound engineer told me that he pulled the bass out of the FOH as he said it was enough to fill the room!!! Thanks for making some truly great cabs!


05/05/19 - Big Twin 2 - UK

First outdoor outing of the year for my BTII. The lead singer and sometimes bassist’s first comment post gig was “your cab sounded incredible, what is it?”... Rest assured - he’s now well aware! 😉


22/03/18 - Big Twin 2 - France

I received the cab yesterday!

Waouh the first sessions have been so good!

It sounds incredible, no words, warm and clean and super powerful!

And I've got the feelings it's going to be better and better...

Thank you very much again ^__^


23/10/17 - Big Twin 2 - Netherlands

I really enjoy the cab, the dispersion is great.. no more finding a sweet spot to be heard.

Indoor i've got more power then i can handle ;) (without getting feedback).

Can't wait for outdoor festivals next summer, should be a blast.

The clarity (tone) is also superb; something i really dig with double bass.