Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Extra long lead time orders - deposits and balance payments


Check over here for the current lead time situation

If you want to order a cab over Xmas/New Year but don't want to pay the full amount now, you can use the following discount codes:




Once your cab is at the top of the production queue we'll then contact you with a link to the balance payment products (listed below here anyway):

You can also do this the opposite way around, so buy the balance payment product now and then we'll contact you to order the cab when its ready to be made - this is handy if you can't decide on the exact details, maybe steel vs cloth or you're not sure which of the 12XNs is right for you (I can help with that!)

NB: We won't start making your cab(s) until we have the full amount - our factory is very micro and once cabs are boxed up they need to leave or we run out of room!