Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets

Modular versions of larger Barefaced bass cabs

I'm a big fan of modular rigs, especially using two matching small-ish cabs - you can have one cab at home, one at the studio and then take both to gigs. If they're full-range cabs they can also be used as a small PA system. If they're designed right then you get all the performance of the big cab when using the stack - despite many people's misconceptions you don't lose anything by splitting a large cab into two cabs that are essentially halves of the big cab. (FYI - most Ampeg 810 cabs are actually four 2x10" cabs internally, with the dividers bracing the enclosure for better tone).


12XN models

If you need the sonic performance of a Super Twin but want smaller boxes to carry you can get the same from two Super Compacts. 

If you need the sonic performance of a Big Twin 3 you can get the same from two Big Baby 3 cabs.

With both of these stacks the pair of smaller cabs give you some more sonic options, for example stacking vertical vs horizontal with the SC rig or different HF control settings on the BB3 rig as you have two HF drivers rather than one.

You can make other modular 2x12XN rigs (as explained here in "using multiple 12XN cabs" but they won't have the same tone due to differences in tuning frequencies and enclosure volume per 12XN driver (the combination of volume and port tuning determines the low frequency alignment which affects frequency response, transient response, dynamic response and maximum output at each frequency).

Many people ask about pairing a Big Baby (2 or 3) and a Super Compact to make a modular Big Twin (2 or 3). This will not work because the BB2 & BT3 have more enclosure volume and a lower tuning frequency - like that of the BT2 & BT3.

10CR models

Any larger 10CR cab can be fairly closely approximated by a stack of multiple smaller 10CR cabs, thanks to our unique Hybrid Resonator enclosures. We have an article here about modular 10CR rigs and another one about 10CR cab power handling. If you're still confused (and I agree, impedance and power handling etc is confusing!) please do email us for help!