FOUR <font color="black">10</font>
FOUR <font color="black">10</font>
FOUR <font color="black">10</font>

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So small for a 4x10” but so loud and produces so much bottom end if you want it. Barefaced Line Array for amazing dispersion and Hybrid Resonator for tight controlled lows but thick deep bass weight. 10CR drivers as ever have warm fat punch that growls when pushed hard and roars at max loudness.
Need more output? Use two FOUR10s to blow Marshall stacks off the stage, add a TWO10S for a modular SIX10, or two TWO10S cabs for a modular EIGHT10.


  • • Four 10CR extended-range drivers

  • • Hybrid Resonator enclosure

  • • Barefaced Line Array crossover

  • • Dual resonator outlets on base

  • • Dual side bar/dish steel handles

  • • Rubber feet on base

  • • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners

  • • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets

  • • Heavy duty black tolex

  • • Powder-coated black steel grill

  • • Optional high strength silver cloth grill


(H W D)
61cm 61cm 33cm
24" 24" 13"
Steel24kg / 53lbs
Cloth22.5kg / 49lbs
Broadband sensitivity 101dB
Max power 1000W RMS
Max Output ~131dB
Frequency Range 30Hz - 6kHz
Impedance 8 ohms


SpeakOn cable

High quality speaker leads for exceptional sound quality and reliability. High grade cable comprises 2 insulated pure copper cores. Durable wire and latching speaker plug.


A righteous Barefaced T-shirt. Wear it and be cooler than you are wearing whatever it is you're wearing now! Comes in any colour as long as it's black.