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Four10 / Four10T

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So small for a 4x10” but so loud and produces so much bottom end if you want it.

Barefaced Line Array for amazing dispersion and Hybrid Resonator for tight controlled lows but thick deep bass weight. 10CR drivers as ever have warm fat punch that growls when pushed hard and roars at max loudness.
Need more output? Use two Four10's to blow Marshall stacks off the stage, add a Two10S for a modular Six10 equivalent, or two Two10S cabs for a modular Eight10 alternative.


  • Four 10CR extended-range drivers
  • Hybrid Resonator enclosure
  • Barefaced Line Array crossover
  • Dual resonator outlets on base
  • Dual side bar/dish steel handles
  • Rubber feet on base
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Heavy duty black tolex
  • Powder-coated black steel grill
  • Optional high strength silver cloth grill


(H W D)
61cm 61cm 33cm
24" 24" 13"
Steel 24kg / 53lbs
Cloth 22.5kg / 49lbs
Steel (with tweeter) 25kg / 55lbs
Cloth (with tweeter) 23.5kg / 51lbs
Broadband sensitivity 101dB
Max power 1000W RMS
Max Output ~131dB
Frequency Range 30Hz - 6kHz
Impedance 4 or 8 ohms (fixed at the factory)


Customer feedback

15/12/23 - Four10 - Spain

I've been testing the cab for a month or so and it sounds incredible!! Very happy with it!


23/10/23 - Four10 - UK

Just wanna let you know. I received my 410. Played 1 rehearsal and used it for our show. This is by far the best cab I've used. Thank you for getting it to me in time for our last show of the year!!!!!

28/9/23 - Four10 - AUS

Loving the Four10, took it out for the first gig 2 weeks ago. Heard it through the support band first, then got up and played through an AG700. Really happy with the cab thank you!

7/12/22 - Four10 - New Zealand

Also letting you know the Four10 cab is awesome and really loving it.
I’m trying to sell a couple of other items as I’m keen to add a 210S early in the new year.
I’ll be back in touch for that.

Thanks and kind regards


1/12/22 - Four10 - USA

Finally got it yesterday afternoon thanks guys plugged in and it’s hitting like a ton of bricks!!!


9/9/22 - Four10 - UK

the 4x10 Is ace,just would like to add a cab to get the max out of my Eden 400, do you think the 275 watt is enough to drive the 4x10 ,I have not used it on a gig as yet so not sure ,if not could you recommend a 2x10 that would complement your 4x10,Rich

Alex responds: The Four10 will certainly go loud with your Eden! I'm a big fan of the modularity of a Two10S+Four10 stack because you get to use the Two10S or the Four10 or the two cab stack. You might not need the Two10S (gigging will show you if you do) but it's certainly a v nice addition.

08/07/17 - Four10 - USA

I love my Four10! I have an Ashdown CTM100 head and an older Aguilar AG500 SC head and much to my surprise, the Aguilar sounds far better run through the Four10 than any other cab. It is also louder! I hate to admit it but is sounds better than the Ashdown which I originally bought to replace it. Now I'll have to keep both!

Thank you for such a superb cab!

Marc Zito

26/05/16 - Four10 - NZ

Just wanted to let you know I am totally enamoured of the Four10 and frankly none of my (embarrassingly too many) other cabs are getting a look in. The Four10 is a natural fit with each of my four tube heads, it has its own character which is just what I hear in my head for my more r'n'b/blues style of playing, but it also still lets the nuances of each different head come through. Despite the delivery mix up I am very happy with the metal grill and will stick with that in the future. I have just replied to my fourth private message on Talkbass about it, so seem to be an unofficial ambassador for the Four10. I hope it is transferring into sales for you. I am still contemplating getting a 12 ohm Two 10 to place on top, although I have yet to get close to the limits of the Four 10. If I do so I would probably get a four ohm crossover sent at the same time in case I ended up using it more as a single cab.