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Zero k7 - pre-order deposit only - delivery date uncertain!

Zero k7 - pre-order deposit only - delivery date uncertain!

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Thanks for coming to check out the preliminary info about our first amp, the Zero k7.

We have a working prototype (as pictured*) of the Zero k7 but the lead times on some parts are quite long and we don't know how many people are going to be wanting to order this first Barefaced bass amp. We're not 100% certain on the price but the goal is to have it roughly around £1000 (UK inc VAT, or overseas ex VAT but including shipping). If you'd like to be part of the first wave of orders, please place a (refundable) deposit, choosing UK or elsewhere so we get the tax correct.

*NB: The production amp won't look like this one - there will be similarities but things will be moving around, dimensions are changing a bit and there'll be a nice custom-made aluminium casing with cool (but legible) graphics.

Once we know how many people want this first model we'll order all the components and get a more clear lead time - we're expecting the lead time to be up to 4-6 months from when we place the parts orders. We'll be manufacturing the amp here in our UK factory (we've just taken on a new unit to give us more space) but the components for it will be coming from lots of different suppliers and if even one tiny part is out of stock then production will halt, so lots of planning to do.

The original concept for the Zero was to integrate a zero colouration preamp and power amp, with zero EQ, in a convenient reliable gigging package, for bassists who want to hear the tone from their bass (and pedals), so all the amp does is make the electricity go from tiny (instrument level) to big (speaker level) before the speaker cab then turns that into as much sound as possible. This is how I (Alex) have tended to use bass amps for a long time, hence the Avalon U5 + QSC PLX that was my last big gig rig.

We've added some more features to the Zero to make it more versatile in the real world, where room acoustics can be annoying (or where you might be sharing backline and they'd like at least some EQ). So the production version of the Zero will have the following controls:

Gain (lots of clean low-noise gain with analogue overdrive if clipped)

Filter (high-pass, sweepable from 20-200Hz, switchable between 1st and 2nd order)

Low (+/-20dB low shelf, with centre detent)

High (+/-15dB high shelf, with centre detent)

Master (this is the LOUD knob)

Also on the front is the 1/4" input jack, the mute switch, the EQ bypass switch (which bypasses Filter, Low and High), and the status LEDs.

The EQ on the Zero was designed to give a simple intuitive way of making sure you can get your "zero EQ" tone when the room's acoustics aren't playing ball: Cut or boost the lows for the fatness/depth/tightness you need, control any rumble/boom/PA sub interaction with the filter, and liven up a dead room or calm down a bright room with the high knob. Let the tone come from your hands, your bass (and any controls it has), and any other preamps/FX/modellers/etc - the Zero just makes it loud but also gives you quick sonic fixes for the gig.

However, we've found that the Zero's EQ can do some rather magical things for dialling in epic lows, by combining the boost on the Low EQ with tweaks of the Filter - the 1st order slope lets it work more to shape your lows whilst the 2nd order slope is a better problem solver for bad rooms or a cab that's being pushed very hard and needs the woofer excursion controlling so they don't distort or lose punch.

On the rear of the amp there is:

1/4" preamp out (FX send)

1/4" power amp in (FX return)

1/4" aux in

1/4" headphone out

XLR DI out

High pass filter 2nd/1st order slope switch

DI ground lift switch

DI line/mic level switch

DI low-pass filter switch (for better DI tone if your cab has no tweeter)

DI pre/post EQ switch

Full(4 ohm)/half(2 ohm) power (min. impedance) switch

Dual combi 1/4"+speakon power amp outs

Dual cooling fans

RMS power output = 800W @ 2 ohm; 700/400W @ 4 ohm; 350W/200W @ 8 ohm.

Approximate dimensions = 300mm x 90mm x 165mm (W x H x D)

(2U high, same width as a One10, as shallow front-to-back as possible)

Approximate weight = 2kg / 4.5lbs

What if you want more EQ or tone-shaping? Hold fire, the Barefaced amp with a lot more knobs and switches is also at the prototype stage, just a bit behind the Zero because there's more to finalise - we'll be opening pre-orders for that as soon as we can.