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BIG sound, tiny cab. From hi-fi to old school. Freakishly loud and fat.

When we launched the One10 in 2015 it blew everyone away - no-one expects a cab this small to have such a huge warm sound, or go so loud. It's very versatile tonally because the 10CR250 driver has amazing treble extension with cone output running to almost 6kHz and dome output to 10kHz+.

If you want sparkly clean tweetery sounds we have the One10T version: You know that thing you like about great 4x10" + tweeter designs - the big fat lows, the dynamic response, the smooth mids with tons of treble clarity. It's that. But with far wider dispersion around the room so you don't have to stand in one spot to hear your tone. And it's less than a quarter the size and a fraction of the weight - but two of these will outperform most 410s, especially classic models.

What about upright bassists and doublers? Depending on your pickup/bass pairing, you can either go with the One10 or the One10T with the extra acoustic vibes from the tweeter's open airy tones. The better your pickup/mic set-up, the more you can turn the HF control up for a proper dose of finger on string reality. Some double basses / pickups need mellowing out in the highs so for them you can keep it simple and stick with the One10.

Existing Barefaced owners - here's some ways this can pair up:

It's a perfect match for a One10 to make a two cab stack. If you have a Two10S and an amp that runs down to 2.7 ohm you can make a 3x10CR vertical stack. If you have a Four10, Six10 or Eight10 then a One10 or One10T is best used separately - but is a great way to get your big rig tone in less LOUD scenarios. If you have a 1x12XN or 2x12XN cab (from Super Midget to Big Twin 3) then a One10 or One10T is a great lower volume full-range alternative - the inherent fatness does good things when Fletcher-Munson isn't being so kind to your tone...

Extra-wide "landscape" version for Three10+One10W stack:

At extra cost we can make you a wider landscape version of the One10 to stack on your Three10, loaded with a single 10CRA driver.


  • Single 10CR extended-range driver - twice the output of a good bass 10"
  • Hybrid Resonator enclosure
  • Single resonator outlet on base/side
  • Rotatable design to suit tonal and aesthetic preferences
  • Side strap handle
  • Base and side rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Updated design for neater vertical stacking with Two10S
  • Heavy duty black tolex
  • Powder-coated black steel grill - damped mounting for zero buzz at war volume
  • Optional high strength black or silver cloth grill
  • White piping and damped friction/velcro fit on cloth grills
  • Dozens of custom tolex or grill cloth choices (NB: Longer lead times)

One10T only:

  • APT80 high output low distortion tweeter
  • Custom designed 4th order low F3 crossover
  • Fully variable HF control - from original One10 tone to absolute clarity


(H W D)
38cm x 29cm x 28cm
15" x 11.5" x 11"
Steel 7.5kg / 16lbs
Cloth 7kg / 15lbs
Steel (with tweeter) 8.5kg / 18lbs
Cloth (with tweeter) 8kg / 17lbs
Broadband sensitivity 95dB
Max power 250W RMS (500W clean)
Max Output ~119dB
Frequency Range 30Hz-6kHz (-20kHz with tweeter)
Impedance 8 ohms

Customer feedback

10/07/24 - One10T - USA

Hi Alex,

The cabinet rocks. Very pleased with the output of a single 10 and very happy with running the 2 -10” singles together. It’s as least as big a sound as the BB3, to my ear anyway. I do get more wattage out of my amp driving the 2-8ohm = 4ohm 10s than the 8ohm BB3 12, maybe that’s it? Dunno. Could be my imagination. 

Down the road, I think I will have to replace the Big Twin, though. Stay tuned.



Hi Randy,

Glad it's sounding good! Yes, two 10CR has similar output to one 12XN - the latter will do more if you want a totally clean sound, the former will do more if you're ok with more colouration and/or have less amp power.



10/07/24 - Big Baby 2 + One10 - UK

I've been using 2 x BB2 cabs for gigs and 2 x One10s for rehearsals - very happy with both. There are however some changes ahead and wanted to ask your opinion if you have time... I have a new amp coming (not yours, although I've joined the queue too) and it has the option to go to 2ohm, it's a Jad Freer Coda 800w Power Amp. Since we have PA support with a subwoofer, and space is limited I have had to reduce to 1 x BB2. Mostly this is enough, but last week I did a gig in a small venue with the 2 One10s and it sounded pretty powerful and was a breeze for fitting in the car with all the other kit. I did feel I may have been driving then a tad hard with my GR Pure Amp 800w power amp, but then the Jad Freer preamp I'm using has a bit of grit, so.... So here is the crux of it. With the new amp, would I be able to drive three One10s at the 2ohm setting? ( I'd be ordering a One10 T)I see a number of people with this arrangement, but despite reading all your info I'm still baffled by the Ohm thing, well when it goes below 4 anyhow.

The three One10s would easily fit in the car with the sub giving me a bit more spread... or will it? One last thing, with your new ZeroK 7 what cab combinations would you be recommending - this may answer my question above too. Sorry for waffling, but in fairness I have had to watch your videos so you can't complain ha ha ha All the best Awesome cabs btw, never been happier.



Hi Tim,

I'd almost always make the decision based on tone - the 12XN and 10CR are quite different.

But if your amp is 2 ohm stable then you can run up to four One10 cabs, and each one you add will increase the max output and how big the rig sounds. With the Zero k7 it's the same, you can run up to four 10CR or four 12XN with all parallel wiring, or more with series/parallel (like in a Six10 or Eight10 or Four10+Two10S stack).

Glad you're loving the cabs!

Best regards,


01/07/24 - Three10 + One10W - USA

Just received the cabinet and it looks amazing. I was wondering which driver this has in it? 

Is it the same driver as in my three10 so I can run these together?

This setup sounds amazing by the way! 

Best Regards 



Hi Joe,

It has the same driver as your Three10, to make a modular 4x10CRA with the power shared equally between the drivers and the amp seeing a 4 ohm nominal load.

Glad it’s looking good to you!

Best regards,


20/06/24 - One10 - USA

They don't sound good, they sound great, being powered by an Eden WT800,

Thanks again


10/06/24 - One10 - UK

I use a pair of One10s as a mini stack - and very fine they are, too. However, I was thinking about changing amp to an EBS Reidmar 502 - will this play nicely (and safely) with the One10s? I suspect the answer is yes, but I'm paranoid and don't want to risk damaging my cabinets. Therefore, I'd be grateful for your view. I've included a link to the EBS website.

Many thanks



Hi Alan,

Glad you're enjoying them! Why are you planning to change amp, is your current one not doing what you need? That amp will be fine though!

Best regards,



Hi Alex

Well…it’s partly GAS, and it’s partly because I’ve been given the opportunity to obtain one second-hand and the Devil is tempting me!
But no: I’m currently using a TC Electronic RH450 - and it’s been fine to date…but since I’m even considering the EBS, I thought I’d check with you first.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.




30/05/24 - Upsetter / One10 - UK

I already have an Upsetter with a speaker rated at 60w @ 8ohms. With your activier amp is that rated at 100w into 8 and therefore safe to use with this cab?

Can they be retrofitted?




Hi Steve,

Unfortunately they can't be retrofitted but you can use your current cab as an extension speaker for more output or stereo. Our experience regarding power ratings with solidstate amps is that you're absolutely fine using an amp rated at double the speaker's power, as that gives you 3dB of clean headroom even when cranked. As always with amps and speakers, you can't 100% guarantee that something won't get blown but the risks are no greater than using lower power valve amps because valve amps can be pushed so much harder and still sound good, which raises the average power level and it's the average power level that overheats and kills speakers.

Best regards,



Hi Alex,

Thanks very much for this. I don't need another guitar cab at the moment, the one is enough for my needs. I think I may go for an Orange PedalBaby as I have what I need in terms of pedals and a valve pre-amp.I'm still loving my 2 OneTens and this Upsetter too! I have been running the Upsetter from my Vox MV50 clean (pedals in front for the sound) which was loud enough for a large hall gig but it's been a bit unreliable and I need to upgrade.

Thanks again for your prompt response.



19/04/24 - One10 - NZ

I live in NZ and I own a fabulous 1x10 Barefaced cab. I will be in the Uk in June and wondered if could visit you guys in Brighton because I want to buy another 1x10.

There is a waiting time I know but if I order it when I come over, it could be shipped by the time I return to NZ in Early August.

Besides which I would love to see the place myself.

You mentioned you are in the planning stages for a bass amp (for double bass?) How is that coming along?

I have a 1990’s Walter woods 100 watt amp and with 2x 10” cabs….well!


Hi Steven,

Yes, no problem, let us know when you're coming. The lead time isn't that long now that we're fully stocked with 10CR drivers again. Bass amp is making progress, I was testing it yesterday! Still plenty to do though... Glad you're loving your One10!

Best regards,


22/05/24 - One10 - USA

Hi Alex,

As I stated in previous email, I am enjoying my 1 x 10. I currently only have a Bergantino forte d amp, which I would like to save for bigger situations than practice and lessons and small group stuff. Do you have a recommendation, preference, suggestion for a portable / compact amp that would pair well with the 10? 

BTW, I sold my Big Twin 3 this morning which I bought in 2022 and even after providing free shipping and packing (and the fees r*ping from Reverb) still made my purchase price back and a little extra. So definitely held its value! It was just way more cab than I would ever need. Still have my BB3 and love it. 

OK, thanks! 



Hi Randy,

To be honest we have people using pretty much every amp with our cabs! I'd get something that you can return if you don't like it or a used bargain you can sell for no loss and see how it matches with the One10. If it was me I'd just use the Forte but I'm ironically minimalist with my personal gear purchases! ;-) Glad the BT3 worked out such a great financial deal - they do seem to hold their value well.
Best regards,

26/04/24 - One10 - USA

DHL just delivered my little cab. Gave it a brief audition and it absolutely rocks. I believe I like it better than my BB3 and my BT3…plenty loud for practice and will be perfect for small ensemble / group lesson and it sounds just great.

Sonically maybe the bigger FRFR cabs (to my ears) are a little harsh irrespective of tweeter settings…I may have to get another one of these little guys, it sounds just right to me. (Or maybe a Three10) 


23/04/24 - One10 - UK

Hi, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for getting the cab built and delivered in such a short space of time, it arrived yesterday so I've even got a bit of time to start playing it in before the weekend.

Thanks again for the great service, you guys are great.


12/04/24 - One10 - UK

Dear Barefaced,

Many many many thanks. You are all brilliant. My new One10 arrived today, and it smells beautiful. Not only that it sounds superb. Absolutely fantastic service. With the delays of the 10CRs coming from the States, I wasn't expecting it for a month or two, but here it is....and I'm absolutely over the moon. Once again I'm so grateful to for pulling the stops out. You're the best.



Thanks Graham, let us know how you get on with it!
Best regards,

09/03/24 - One10 - USA

I own a One10 and really dig it. I don't currently push a lot of watts through it, but nonetheless it gets pretty loud for a little 1x10!

My questions are about the following specs:
  • Broadband sensitivity: 95dB
  • Max power: 250W RMS (500W clean)
I read somewhere that Barefaced doesn't measure sensitivity at the fairly common 1w/1m. If that's correct, how do you measure it? I only ask because it seems comparably loud to other cabs with higher rated sensitivity. 
Next question is the delta b/t 250w RMS and 500W clean. Since different heads have different baked in eq, and different pedals do different things to a signal, there's quite a bit of wiggle room between the conservative 250 and the 500 (which I wouldn't ever try to do with a single One10.) Would say 300-350W with some mild OD and maybe reverb be a reasonable ask of a One10?
My One10 is perfect for what I'm doing right now. As I hope to get into some new playing situations, a matching One10 or Two10 is on the horizon.
Alex says:
Hi Mike,
Glad you're enjoying the One10! Our sensitivity specs are at 1W/1m half-space, as is the standard. The difference is that a lot of companies either pick the loudest point on the frequency response curve, take an average which has no weighting towards the lower frequencies that matter, or seemingly pick a number out of thin air! Or they use the 2.83V standard which gets you a 3dB higher number with a 4 ohm cab.
Our cabs are as loud as its possible to make a cab that still does proper lows, so anyone claiming better sensitivity isn't telling the truth or the cab doesn't do comparable lows so the sensitivity will be lower where it actually matters for bass instruments. 
More info on power handling here:
500W is fine as long as the sound isn't so dirty, and/or your band so loud, that you can't hear the speaker complaining.
Best regards,

09/03/24 - One10T - UK

Received at light speed and now wrapped around cab.

Thanks again, you make fantastic products and dealing with you fantastic humans makes it all the better!


08/03/24 - One10T - UK

Hi Alex

Have had the One10T for a while now and really liking the tone difference compared to the 12XN cabs I have.

Whilst having a play around the other day I tried running the One10 and the Super Midget together as a stack and they sounded great - the best of both worlds!

My question however - is there any detriment to running the mix of speaker sizes together (i.e. - would the 10 get worked much harder than the 12 at higher volumes and could I potentially harm one of the drivers?).

Using an Aguilar AG700 currently.

Thanks in advance


28/02/24 - One10T - Australia

The cab is awesome, as usual. I use it weekly at rehearsal with my pre amp power amp gear. The dinky 5mm amp I bought just for home practice and pedal testing.

PS I'm still loving my SC too I haven't considered another cab since buying it years ago from you. Well, ok, maybe considering a 2nd SC to make a modular ST!


10/12/23 - One10 - USA

Just been giving my new One10 the run through, and it’s fantastic.  Everything about it, it’s exactly what I need. Much appreciated!


18/07/23 - Super Compact + One10 - Canada

Your gear is phenomenal. I've been using it for over 10 years now, I will never play through anything else. My sound is mine, finally after 37 years of playing bass and still going.


16/09/23 - One10T - UK

 The One10T arrived on Thursday and I’ve been having some fun with it.

I knew it would be awesome but It’s even more awesome than I expected. I can hardly wait to see ow two of them sound.



16/01/23- One10T- USA

Received the cab last week and I got to gig with it several times.  I'm so impressed with these little guys! Thank you again for such an amazing piece of gear!


01/02/23 - One10 + Four10 - USA

I currently have a One10 and Four10 i’m using with an Aguilar AG700 and Noble Preamp. I love the sound and tones I can get from it. I have an Ampeg PF-20T incoming that should pair nicely with the One10 for a smaller rig. I’d like to get an Ampeg Heritage SVT at some point and they only run at 4 and 2 ohms, so i’d need to couple the Four10 with a Two10 in order to run it (or just a Two10 on its own at 4 ohms). I also like the idea of have 2 One10’s for a nice 4 ohm stack.

Thanks for your help. I love the cabs. 


25/12/22 - One10 - USA

Hi, I'm pleased with the One10 I have, so easy to carry and set up. However, I'm now playing in a rock covers band and finding that I have to go pretty loud to get through, particularly in medium/larger clubs with stages etc. And then the tone seems to suffer. I have a Darkglass 500 head.
What is the best way to go? Lightweight is important! A second One10, a Two10? Or something different? I think I'd like a fatter low end, but with maybe a bit sharper top end when some numbers need it. Tweeter?

Oh, what is the best placement for the one10 in gig situations. I'm always at the back with everyone stood in front with the one10 on the floor. Would it be better to raise the speaker on a (small) stand, or is floor resonance useful?


Hi Bill,

A rock covers band sounds pretty loud for a single One10! Adding a One10T will make it fatter and louder and give more treble brightness. Where to place the cab depends on the room and situation. You generally want at least one solid room boundary nearby (floor or solid wall), more nearby solid boundaries give more lows, fewer cost you lows.


1/12/22 - One10 - UK

Thanks guys this One10 is amazing in every way! Regards Nick

11/11/22 - One10T - Germany

thank you very much for the wonderful new One T. Killerbox!

my supertwins haha:


11/11/22 - One10 - Netherlands

My One10 arrived earlier this week. On arrival I found the box to be dented quite a bit. The cabinet however has not suffered any damage at all thanks to the superb packaging. That really payed off so compliments for that!
What a gem that little One10 is! I tried it out at home with a Crate Power Block which isn´t even a bass amp but it gives me an idea of what a powerhouse this cabinet is. Next week I will take it to our rehearsal room and introduce it to my Eden top. I expect it to be a revelating event.
Thank you so much for your service Alex, I´m a happy camper!
Best regards,
Bert Peijmen

31/10/22 - One10 pair (one old grill, one new grill, hence the unusual look!) - UK

Yes they sound great, just the look which is a little unusual :)



10/9/22 - Two10S and One10T - Matt Pegg

I have been using my 2x10 and 1x10T for the last year or so, they are both stunning!
Is there any chance of a 2x10T? Or a modification?
I didn’t think I would ever be asking for a tweeter, but the 1x10T is very usable,
I miss that now when using the 2x10 on it’s own.
All the best, keep up the incredible work!

30/07/19 - One10 - UK

Cab arrived a few weeks ago and it’s fantastic: small, light (fits great in my Fiesta!)

and most importantly it sounds great. Have played a couple of gigs now, many positive comments, in particular one guy who said, “you can hear you fine even at the back of the room”, and that’s versus the rest of the big band!

Thought you might also appreciate the attached of my super portable rig with another sonic marvel, my LX Minis, which I only came aware of thanks to your guitar cab blog. I was inspired to build some and now I never need to buy speakers ever again. 

When funds and need allows, I’ll probably have to get another One10. Thanks again and I’ll do my best to spread the word about your cabs. 


23/06/19 - One10 - USA


You've made both the bassist and senior citizen in me very, very happy.

It’s a very punchy, clean and full sounding cabinet that has been perfect for my kind of playing situations.. and then there’s the weight. 

Thank you big time!!


16/06/19 - One10 - UK

I know it’s a One10 but my goodness it’s smaller than expected, there is a lot coming out of that little box, worth 2 kidneys not 1!


22/04/19 - One10 - Portugal

Just got my One10!! Where do these deep lows come from?!? I'm still afraid to push it too hard since I'm using a 500W head but damn it's sounding good 


21/04/19 - One10 - UK

Barefaced One10 on last night’s gig! Best cab I’ve ever owned!


21/02/19 - One10 - France

Just dropping a line to let you know that I had my first band experience with my One10 yesterday. Alex, this cabinet is perfect!

So far I had been using it on my own, for practice and I loved its sound. But yesterday in the jazz workshop was a revelation. The sound is incredibly homogeneous across the frequency range. Each note is tight, full-bodied, punchy, clear and accurate. I was playing my Hervé Prudent five-string Lolita electric double bass through an Ampeg PF-350.

You've found the perfect formula! I had never heard that sound in real life (I had on recordings but not in real life). I just had to roll off the bass to 10 o'clock and add a little mid on the PF-350 EQ

I realize I had been trying to achieve this sound with my generation one Big Baby (no tweeter) and it took me quite a lot of tweaking: switching the midrange driver to "flat", fitting my Markbass MoMark with a tube preamp, fiddling a lot with the EQ (quite a challenge for me: a four-band EQ including two semi-parametric!).
With the One10 it's all here, easy and straightforward. Congratulations and deep thanks Alex!


22/01/19 - One10 - Norway

Picked up this today. Was not prepared for the punch it packs. Even with the low A of a Dingwall NG3 it handles great. Can’t wait to gig with this!


18/01/19 - One10 - UK

My baby barefaced arrived today, so cute and small, really light just perfect..... Then I plugged it in and IT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. sat on top of my BTll I thought I had plugged in the wrong cab...... Blimey what a sound. Thanks guys another great cab. Just got to break it in a bit now........ 👶🎸🔊💨🎧 Yikes


10/03/18 - One10 - NZ

Cabs arrived this morning safe and sound. I love the tone! Cant wait to use them on gigs this week. I think I’m more of the coloured tone type, these have the right amount of honk that I like to my ears compared to the Big Baby 2. Will let you know my thoughts after my gigs.

With a few gigs done, I’m totally stoked! The tone they have meets the tone I have in my head more than any other cab I’ve owned, including my two Big Baby II's. The rest of the band all commented on how they love the new One10's. Big and tight bass, great mids that cut and are defined. The mellow top is not a problem, as I can push the tops on my Bass preamp if needed. So with two One10's, Aguilar TH500, Sadowsky Bass, my sound is really happening. I think I'll have to consider moving on my two Big Baby II's as at the moment I cant see myself going back to them, most of my gigs have PA support, It’s really only if I have a large outdoor gig that I might need something bigger speaker wise. I haven’t had to push the amp too hard so far. Have you had feedback/experience with two One10's stacked on a really big stage? I’m wondering where the tipping point for needing bigger cabs is with this mini stack. Keen to hear your response. Thanks, so happy!


09/05/17 - One10 - Italy

I have tried the Barefaced 10 inch cab with my double bass and I am really amazed at the sound quality and the way the low frequency project.

I think more people should know about your great products.


28/01/2017 - One10 - USA

Cabs arrived this morning safe and sound. I love the tone! Cant wait to use them on gigs this week. I think I’m more of the coloured tone type, these have the right amount of honk that I like to my ears compared to the Big Baby II. Will let you know my thoughts after my gigs.