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One10 / One10T

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BIG sound, tiny cab. From hi-fi to old school. Freakishly loud and fat.

When we launched the One10 in 2015 it blew everyone away - no-one expects a cab this small to have such a huge warm sound, or go so loud. It's very versatile tonally because the 10CR250 driver has amazing treble extension with cone output running to almost 6kHz and dome output to 10kHz+.

If you want sparkly clean tweetery sounds we have the One10T version: You know that thing you like about great 4x10" + tweeter designs - the big fat lows, the dynamic response, the smooth mids with tons of treble clarity. It's that. But with far wider dispersion around the room so you don't have to stand in one spot to hear your tone. And it's less than a quarter the size and a fraction of the weight - but two of these will outperform most 410s, especially classic models.

What about upright bassists and doublers? Depending on your pickup/bass pairing, you can either go with the One10 or the One10T with the extra acoustic vibes from the tweeter's open airy tones. The better your pickup/mic set-up, the more you can turn the HF control up for a proper dose of finger on string reality. Some double basses / pickups need mellowing out in the highs so for them you can keep it simple and stick with the One10.

Existing Barefaced owners - here's some ways this can pair up:

It's a perfect match for a One10 to make a two cab stack. If you have a Two10S and an amp that runs down to 2.7 ohm you can make a 3x10CR vertical stack. If you have a Four10, Six10 or Eight10 then a One10 or One10T is best used separately - but is a great way to get your big rig tone in less LOUD scenarios. If you have a 1x12XN or 2x12XN cab (from Super Midget to Big Twin 3) then a One10 or One10T is a great lower volume full-range alternative - the inherent fatness does good things when Fletcher-Munson isn't being so kind to your tone...


  • Single 10CR extended-range driver - twice the output of a good bass 10"
  • Hybrid Resonator enclosure
  • Single resonator outlet on base/side
  • Rotatable design to suit tonal and aesthetic preferences
  • Side strap handle
  • Base and side rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Updated design for neater vertical stacking with Two10S
  • Heavy duty black tolex
  • Powder-coated black steel grill - damped mounting for zero buzz at war volume
  • Optional high strength black or silver cloth grill
  • White piping and damped friction/velcro fit on cloth grills
  • Dozens of custom tolex or grill cloth choices (NB: Longer lead times)

One10T only:

  • APT80 high output low distortion tweeter
  • Custom designed 4th order low F3 crossover
  • Fully variable HF control - from original One10 tone to absolute clarity


(H W D)
38cm x 29cm x 28cm
15" x 11.5" x 11"
Steel 7.5kg / 16lbs
Cloth 7kg / 15lbs
Steel (with tweeter) 8.5kg / 18lbs
Cloth (with tweeter) 8kg / 17lbs
Broadband sensitivity 95dB
Max power 250W RMS (500W clean)
Max Output ~119dB
Frequency Range 30Hz-6kHz (-20kHz with tweeter)
Impedance 8 ohms

Customer feedback

28/02/24 - One10T - Australia

The cab is awesome, as usual. I use it weekly at rehearsal with my pre amp power amp gear. The dinky 5mm amp I bought just for home practice and pedal testing.

PS I'm still loving my SC too I haven't considered another cab since buying it years ago from you. Well, ok, maybe considering a 2nd SC to make a modular ST!


10/12/23 - One10 - USA

Just been giving my new One10 the run through, and it’s fantastic.  Everything about it, it’s exactly what I need. Much appreciated!


10/12/23 - One10 - USA

Just been giving my new One10 the run through, and it’s fantastic.  Everything about it, it’s exactly what I need. Much appreciated!



18/07/23 - Super Compact + One10 - Canada

Your gear is phenomenal. I've been using it for over 10 years now, I will never play through anything else. My sound is mine, finally after 37 years of playing bass and still going.


16/09/23 - One10T - UK

The One10T arrived on Thursday and I’ve been having some fun with it.
I knew it would be awesome but It’s even more awesome than I expected. I can hardly wait to see ow two of them sound.