Barefaced Bass - Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets


Barefaced One 10 steel grill
Barefaced One 10 cloth grill
Barefaced One 10 and Eight 10 with Bass for scale

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Everything that’s great about the warm and fat tone of our 10CR models but miniaturised. Hybrid Resonator for that unique combination of tightness, thickness and output and usable portrait or landscape to suit your aesthetic or tone (sideways for more mid-bass oomph). So tiny. Crazy light weight with crazy heavy sound.

Need more output? Use two ONE 10s to hang with most rock drummers or add a TWO 10 S to one or two ONE 10s to demolish most loud bands.


  • Single 10CR extended-range driver
  • Hybrid Resonator enclosure
  • Single resonator outlet on base/side
  • Rotatable design to suit tonal and aesthetic preferences
  • Side strap handle
  • Base and side rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Heavy duty black tolex
  • Powder-coated black steel grill
  • Optional high strength silver cloth grill


(H W D)
38cm 29cm 28cm
15" 11.5" 11"
Steel 7.5kg / 16lbs
Cloth 7kg / 15lbs
Broadband sensitivity 95dB
Max power 250W RMS (500W clean)
Max Output ~119dB
Frequency Range 30Hz - 6kHz
Impedance 8 ohms

Customer feedback

16/01/23- ONE10T- USA

Received the cab last week and I got to gig with it several times.  I'm so impressed with these little guys! Thank you again for such an amazing piece of gear!  

25/12/22 - One10 - USA

Hi, I'm pleased with the One10 I have, so easy to carry and set up. However, I'm now playing in a rock covers band and finding that I have to go pretty loud to get through, particularly in medium/larger clubs with stages etc. And then the tone seems to suffer. I have a Darkglass 500 head.
What is the best way to go? Lightweight is important! A second One10, a Two10? Or something different? I think I'd like a fatter low end, but with maybe a bit sharper top end when some numbers need it. Tweeter?

Oh, what is the best placement for the one10 in gig situations. I'm always at the back with everyone stood in front with the one10 on the floor. Would it be better to raise the speaker on a (small) stand, or is floor resonance useful?

Thanks, Bill

Alex responds: A rock covers band sounds pretty loud for a single One10! Adding a One10T will make it fatter and louder and give more treble brightness. Where to place the cab depends on the room and situation. You generally want at least one solid room boundary nearby (floor or solid wall), more nearby solid boundaries give more lows, fewer cost you lows.

1/12/22 - One10 - UK

Thanks guys this One10 is amazing in every way! Regards Nick

11/11/22 - One10T - Germany

thank you very much for the wonderful new One T. Killerbox!

my supertwins haha:


11/11/22 - One10 - Netherlands

My One10 arrived earlier this week. On arrival I found the box to be dented quite a bit. The cabinet however has not suffered any damage at all thanks to the superb packaging. That really payed off so compliments for that!
What a gem that little One10 is! I tried it out at home with a Crate Power Block which isn´t even a bass amp but it gives me an idea of what a powerhouse this cabinet is. Next week I will take it to our rehearsal room and introduce it to my Eden top. I expect it to be a revelating event.
Thank you so much for your service Alex, I´m a happy camper!
Best regards,
Bert Peijmen

31/10/22 - One10 pair (one old grill, one new grill, hence the unusual look!) - UK

Yes they sound great, just the look which is a little unusual :)