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Big Baby 3

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Prepare to hear every detail of your tone like never before.

Huge power handling so it can move as much air as a good 4x10", keeps punching hard even on relentlessly loud gigs, wide dispersion so everyone in the venue can hear it properly, but still easy to carry with one hand. High sensitivity so you can use it with low power lightweight heads and still play louder than other small cabs. Not only for bass but arguably the most potent FRFR guitar cab yet made and a great compact PA speaker that doesn't need subwoofers to fill in the lows.

Need more output? Add a second Big Baby 3 to make a modular Big Twin 3 or a Super Mini to make a versatile modular rig with small, medium and large options to suit your gigs.

The BB3 and BT3 take the outstanding performance of our ground-breaking BB2 and BT2 models, but step things up another level with a host of improvements. For more details of how the tone and accuracy and gigging ease has been made even better, click on this link.


  • Single 12XN extended-range high-accuracy driver
  • Ultra low distortion neodymium HF compression driver with cast aluminium waveguide
  • LR4 CD-compensated crossover with enhanced thermal stability
  • Self-resetting HF driver and crossover protection system
  • Fully variable HF control with treble boost
  • Monocoque Spaceframe enclosure
  • Vertical slot port and thermal convector
  • SuperCooler Tech for reduced power compression
  • Top bar/dish handle
  • Base rubber feet
  • Nickel-plated 2/3-sided steel corners
  • Dual parallel combi speakon + 1/4” sockets
  • Durable textured acrylic finish
  • Powder-coated black steel grill
  • Optional high strength silver or black cloth grill with white piping


(H x W x D)
56cm x 52cm x 32cm
22" x 20.4" x 12.6"
Steel Grill 14.5kg / 32lbs
Cloth Grill 13.5kg / 30lbs
Broadband Sensitivity 97dB
Max Amp Power 800W RMS
Max Output ~127dB
Frequency Range 30Hz -20kHz
Impedance 8 ohms


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Customer feedback

10/07/24 - Big Baby 2 + One10 - UK

I've been using 2 x BB2 cabs for gigs and 2 x One10s for rehearsals - very happy with both. There are however some changes ahead and wanted to ask your opinion if you have time... I have a new amp coming (not yours, although I've joined the queue too) and it has the option to go to 2ohm, it's a Jad Freer Coda 800w Power Amp. Since we have PA support with a subwoofer, and space is limited I have had to reduce to 1 x BB2. Mostly this is enough, but last week I did a gig in a small venue with the 2 One10s and it sounded pretty powerful and was a breeze for fitting in the car with all the other kit. I did feel I may have been driving then a tad hard with my GR Pure Amp 800w power amp, but then the Jad Freer preamp I'm using has a bit of grit, so.... So here is the crux of it. With the new amp, would I be able to drive three One10s at the 2ohm setting? ( I'd be ordering a One10 T)I see a number of people with this arrangement, but despite reading all your info I'm still baffled by the Ohm thing, well when it goes below 4 anyhow.

The three One10s would easily fit in the car with the sub giving me a bit more spread... or will it? One last thing, with your new ZeroK 7 what cab combinations would you be recommending - this may answer my question above too. Sorry for waffling, but in fairness I have had to watch your videos so you can't complain ha ha ha All the best Awesome cabs btw, never been happier.



Hi Tim,

I'd almost always make the decision based on tone - the 12XN and 10CR are quite different.

But if your amp is 2 ohm stable then you can run up to four One10 cabs, and each one you add will increase the max output and how big the rig sounds. With the Zero k7 it's the same, you can run up to four 10CR or four 12XN with all parallel wiring, or more with series/parallel (like in a Six10 or Eight10 or Four10+Two10S stack).

Glad you're loving the cabs!

Best regards,


12/07/24 - Big Baby 3 - UK

I ended up picking up a lightly used BB3 and plan to order a Three10 when finances allow. The BB3 works very well with the Forte Hp and is certainly loud enough for my soul project. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much it puts out.



15/07/24 - Big Baby 3 - UK

I’m contacting you for some help and advice regarding my Big Baby 3 bass cab which I bought second hand a couple of years ago. I’m not very technically minded so please bear with me! One of the drivers hasn’t been working properly and I think I have identified the offender as the Faital Pro 6PR 150 which although is still reading 5.7 on a multimeter seems to be distorting and making ‘scratching’ noises, the scratching is also evident when I gently press the cone in and out with my thumbs (a test I saw being undertaken on the internet). I am now considering replacing the speaker but I wonder whether you have any additional advice about this and also whether there are any ‘upgrades’ to consider when I replace.

Many thanks in advance



Hi Elfed,

That sounds like an overpowered driver, so it'll need replacing! Get the same again as the crossover is designed specifically for its frequency and impedance curves. The most likely cause is an amp heavily clipping due to insufficient power for the situation but it's very rare fault!

Best regards,



16/07/24 - Big Baby 3 + Big Twin 3 - USA

More fire power than I needed but sounded great! I’m absolutely loving this BB3 and BT3 and together they are a force to be reckoned with! That acoustic drum kit next to me with no glass wasn’t a struggle at all I had to turn my bass down to not shake the metal screws out of the tin roof in that little pavilion.

Thanks again Alex and the gang for making killer gear!


22/05/24 - Big Baby 3 (x2) - USA

The cabs arrived on Friday and I was able to play them on a couple of local gigs. They sounded awesome and drew a lot of positive remarks. I can't wait to tour them.

Thank you so much for all your efforts.


24/04/24 - Big Baby 3 - UK

Hi Alex,

Well, I'm about 2 weeks into my 30-day trial and have already decided I shall be hanging onto the Big Baby. I used it at our recent gig, as planned, and it worked very well (in pretty awful acoustic circumstances - very boomy stage and room).

I did some A/B tests against my Epifani 3x10 at home and it's less "bright" (that's with the Epi "tweeter" dialed almost out and the Big Baby's at about 50%) but I think my bass sounds more like a Wal through it. I could use a little more clarity, so I'll experiment with the tweeter (or, as I explained, this could be partly due to my compromised hearing?). Do you advise setting the cab on the floor or is raised up better? 

The real clincher is the portability. My wife (who always helps me hump gear around, bless her) can lift it with one hand. 

I'm going to have to re-think my amp arrangement, as I keep my Demeter in a soft rack so the handle and front flap are squished between the amp and cab rather than it being able to lay flat. As the cab is so small, this means it rocks about a bit, so it's all a bit precarious. I don't know how far letting the soft "rack door" hang down over the speaker grill (rather than stuffing it underneath) will impact the sound? What do you think?

Anyway, for now, I'm pretty happy with the cab and will see how things go for a while using it with my 1x15. If funds allow, I may opt for a second. Have you ever thought of using the locking corners so they'd stack a bit more securely?

Thanks for your advice up-front and the excellent approach of allowing the 30 day trial. Without that, I would never have risked it, so would have missed out.

Cheers for now,


Hi Tony,

Glad to hear you're liking it! Definitely experiment with the HF control, I run it pretty high up so the sound works better in the mix even if it isn't as pretty when soloed. You can try raising it off the floor but obviously that affects the boundary reinforcement so it won't sound as fat - some elevate a single cab but most don't. Regarding stacking corners, I'm not fan of plastic corners for long-term durability and the rubber feet work well when stacking, the cabs make a pretty solid stack (even vertical stacks of Two10 cabs which is quite a tall skinny tower!) Thanks for giving them a go - if everyone did we'd sell too many to cope with because returns are super rare, less than 1 in 100, maybe closer to 1 in 1000!

Best regards,


16/04/24 - Big Baby 3 - USA

So I’ve had my big baby 3 now for probably over a year and there isn’t a piece of kit that I have been more pleased with. As a musician and a gear nut I am always finding little things that could be better with everything… except the Big Baby 3! Just when I think it can’t get louder or I’ll blow it, it does get louder and doesn’t distort at all!



13/04/24 - Big Baby 2 - USA

I have a bb2 that I love. However some of the stages/rooms it comes off boomy. Is there anything I can do to mitigate the boom. Using an Ampeg PF 50 tube amp. No pedals.


Alex says:

Hi Greg,

I'm 99% certain that's the amp - tubes are like that, especially when you have that little power. Do you have a more powerful amp you can try?


14/04/24 - Big Baby 3 + Super Mini - UK

Tried this rig out properly last night.
TBH, I had been a little disappointed during rehearsals. Not terrible, but just meh.
I was wrong. Last night was as loud a gig as I ever want to do without ear defenders. The rig easily kept up with a noisy guitarist and drummer, with loads left in the tank.
But here's the thing. All my feedback issues disappeared. I didn't need f-hole blockers or a nerf ball under the tailpiece, or a notch filter, or any of that stuff. I got a really nice, warm, clean double bass sound at a volume that would normally have been completely impossible.

15/04/24 - Big Baby 3 - USA

The new BB3 got here in February. My 3 other cabs have moved on to new homes. Massive SPL for a 1x12. Keeps you on your toes as every flaw in your signal chain will be evident. Looking forward to the first live gig 😎


29/03/24 - Big Baby 2 - USA

I’m going on 7 years with my Big Baby 2 and can’t tell you how happy I am with it. My amp search ended when I found the Orange Bass Terror amp (newer version). Coupled with the BB2 and my 5 string, it is pure heaven. This combination is just magical. So much better than anything else I had previously.


04/02/24 - Big Baby 3 - USA

So the church just ordered the Big Twin 3 😍
I have a Big Baby 3 and am amazed by the sound quality and power of this little beast. I guess I’ll see soon just how loud the BT3 is...


02/02/24 - Big Baby 3 - France

I use my Big Baby 3 will a tube head for amplifying my guitars, and it sounds fantastic.


20/01/24 - Big Baby 2 - USA


I represented JL Audio for years, and am a driver junky... BTW, the cabs are fab! I've played to many thousands of audience members over the past years with them, using a Demeter VTBP-M-800D. Just a wicked good rig!



12/01/24 - Big Baby 2 - Norway

Hi, I got two BB2 cabs bought from you in 2018. Very happy, but looking for a more warm punchy tone. So that leads me to 4x10 or 6x10. The two BB2 have always been loud enough for me, with good margin. I have a orange 4-stroke 500w, and volume more between 10-11 rather than 11-12. You think 4x10?


Hi Eivind,

Sounds like a 4 ohm Four10 will be plenty loud enough! Glad you've been enjoying the dual BB2 stack. Are you thinking tweetered or not? How do you set the HF controls on your BB2 cabs?

Best regards,



04/01/23 - Big Baby 3 - Germany


I was flabbergasted by how fast my cab arrived. About a whole month earlier than expected. Thank you, guys!

Also, it’s an incredible piece of gear. I absolutely fell in love with it and want to share that with the world. 

Mischa Marks

11/12/23 - Big Baby 3 - UK

Just over a year ago I took delivery of my BB3 and thus far am so impressed with it. I really love the VOX grill cloth as it takes me back to my youth when I used an AC30.


08/12/23 - Big Baby 3 - USA

Just wanted to update . I’ve had this cab for over a year now and it gets played at least 10 hours a week with a live church gospel music situation . It gets played hard and loud with loud drums and organ and Leslie and I am so impressed with it! It’s hard to describe how big and crystal clear and accurate this little cab is . I never get lost on stage ! No matter how loud other get ! Good job Alex and the team . If I had 2 of these I wouldn’t need front of house 😎



26/07/23 - Big Baby 2 - France

I received the first one in December 2017, and the second one in May 2019.

Love this cabs, and everyone’s telling me that I've a sound amazing!


19/07/23 - Big Baby 3 - Netherlands

Dear Alex and magicians,

I absolutely love my Big Baby 3! Fellow musicians are wondering why they now hear what I have been playing for years. Great sounding gear! 

I decided to buy another one to stack the Big Babies. Actually, I already ordered my second one! I happen to notice that there are no 3D-edges to hold them in place. My amp is sometimes ‘walking’ over the Big Baby and right now, I solve this by putting a layer of 1 inch thick granulaat (rubber) in between them. But I do not know if that works for a stacked duo BBs too. Do you have any tips for me? 

Niek de Wit

Alex says:

Hi Niek,
Glad you're loving the BB3. I've never heard of a stacked Barefaced cab going walkabouts - the rubber feet and the fact they're heavier than tiny class D heads tends to keep them in place!
Best regards,

18/11/23 - Big Baby 2 - Norway

I managed to try my B25 on the BB2 in a group setting yesterday. I am sincerely amazed by the result. I could use it no problem without overdriving it. Those 12" are amazing!

Would the 10" cabinets sound a bit more "ampeg"?


Alex says:

Hi Sergio,
That’s great! Yes, the 10CR are much less accurate, warmer and fatter.
Best regards

16/10/23 - Big Baby 3 + Mutiny - USA

I want to thank you for letting us use the cabs on our tour. They performed beautifully! 

Hamilton Loomis

28/11/23 - Big Baby 3 - UK

Thank you so much a for my cab -
it’s arrived today and I am absolutely amazed by the build quality and sound - unbelievable.

It’s exactly what I was looking for.


01/10/23 - Big Baby 3 - USA


I been out on the road the past 18 months with my band and the BB3 has been absolutely amazing. We've been using it for keys, particularly key bass and it sounds great every single night under so many different circumstances. 

Also, it sounds really good on baritone guitar. I know it's designed for bass but with a slight amount of EQ on the amp, it can sound great for baritone as well. 

I'll be buying another one soon.



Alex says: 

Hi Matt,
That's so great to hear! We've just got a baritone guitar here so I'm excited to test it with that - I'm playing a lot of chords on normal 4-string bass through a BB3 and it works so well, you hear every detail.
Best regards,

29/6/23 - Big Baby 2 - Japan

And thank you for making incredibly wonderful bass cabinets. Here in Japan I frequently receive compliments about my sound because of you. 

From your biggest fan,


16/01/23 - Big Baby 3 - USA

This is a killer killer rig!!!


14/01/23 - Big Baby 2- UK

This cab is unbelievable. You guys/gals rock.



20/12/22 - Big Baby 2 - UK

By the way, I played last night with my Big Baby 2 in a proper old dance hall with suspended wooden floor. The bass cut through so amazingly I actually turned up the treble a bit so for my Super Mini could I change it to the Super Mini T


14/12/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

Can’t believe how much crystal clear sound and big bottom end comes outa this 20ish pound 12” cab

I love this thing!


11/11/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

So I’ve had my big baby 3 for a couple months and am loving it . I have a tonehammer 700 and a ag700 as far as heads go and at 8 ohms they only put out 350 watts . That being said the cab is very loud with those amps . The tone is of course very accurate and natural . The speaker does a great job recreating what I feel is the pure tone of my music man stingray special . Now… i say all that to say this . I just found a crown power amp that was lying around church , and bridged it puts out 700 watts at 8 ohms . So I ran the preamp section of my Aggie amp to the power amp and to the bb3 and wow !!!!!! It is as loud as my 4-10 ampeg ported cab! With beautiful clarity and no distortion . I am very impressed with the engineering of this cab . And at under 30 pounds doesn’t make sense to me . Thank you for a killer product . Def the best money spent on sound gear ever I think . Although I do love my stingray


8/11/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

Proud owner of the Big Baby 3 here!

Got a question about hiss.

I've been running the cab with a Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.2 and it's brilliant! Today I decided to check out the Audio Form Factor BI1000DI and with gain at about 3 and master at about 3 the hiss is unbearable.

Question: Is this normal, have I just been running the Genz-Benz which outputs 375W and now hearing a 600W via the the BI1000DI or is BI1000DI just complete shit with very bad noise floor?

It sure doesn't feel/sound like a normal thing, but I haven't been around in the cab/head area enough to know if this is normal.


Alex responds: Glad it's sounding great! Regarding hiss, cabs don't hiss but all amps do (to some degree). If there's a lot of hiss then it's an amp issue - usually a design/product issue, not a fixable fault. Having a few dB more power should only add a few dB more hiss if you're increasing the gain too - and a few dB isn't much anyway.

28/9/22 - Big Baby 2 dual cab stack - UK

I have a couple of Big Baby II cabs that I normally use for bass but I'd like to also use them as a PA for a friend's swing band.

Is there any bracing that I would need to avoid if installing top hats?

Thanks in advance


Alex responds: You'd need to reinforce the base panel on the inside, so it's 18mm thick minimum, and mount the top hats with bolts and t-nuts, not wood screws. It's a fair bit of work to do well but not that complicated - grill off, speakers out, insulation out in places (you'll need to make sure no sawdust gets left behind stuck in the insulation), cut an internal reinforcement to fit neatly between the spine braces, glue it in solidly and then the four bolt holes and top hat hole through the lot, fit t-nuts and use silicone to make sure there are no air leaks past the top hat before bolting it in place. They do make great PA speakers!

Thankyou for that Alex.

Much more helpful than I could have hoped for.
A nice little project for me.
As you already know, your cabs are miraculous.



7/10/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

The BIG baby arrived today, it is great — and light enough to use in place of the 10T (still waiting for a driver).

The low (and mid) end is already lovely and just started breaking it in.

Thanks to everyone involved!


16/9/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

I bought a BB3 at the end of last year and it KICKS ASS!

Now I'm looking to replace my head and downsize but not sacrifice.

I have it down to an Orange Terror 500 (which all reviews say is amazing) and a GK Legacy 800 (I owned a GK 400 back in the day which I loved) and was wondering your thoughts on which you might think brings the beast to bear.

In particular, volume, which while I'm not filling stadiums or anything, just bars, I want to have available.

I come from punk, but am most often playing a wide range of music in my band (60's to 2000's).

Any thoughts you might have would be welcome!


Alex responds: Glad to hear the BB3 is performing well! What amp have you been using recently with it and what do you most like/dislike about its tone, output, etc?

15/9/22 - Big Baby 3 - USA

I received excellent feedback from a few audience members on a recent gig - with the bass sound; Barefaced Big Baby 3 and Bergantino Amp + Musicman Sabre

30/9/22 - Big Baby 3 dual cab stack - USA

Simply inspiring.
Clean, punchy, they carry sound quite well (thirty feet is almost as ‘present’ as three feet).
Alex, you are a wizard. Thank you.

16/03/20 - Big Baby 2 - USA

I received my 2nd BB2 a couple months back, & although I haven’t needed to use/stack it yet together with my other BB2 I got last year, I now have realized that for the gigs when I just 1 cab my BB2 is awesome & perfect! But when I do need a 212 I now know that I would prefer just to have 1 of your stand alone 212’s (SuperTwin or BigTwinII), rather than bringing 2 BB2’s.  My question is- would it be possible for me to return 1 of my BB2’s & cover, which is in absolutely perfect, mint condition, & get that credited  towards your stand alone 212 (SuperTwin or BigTwin II)? I would of course be willing to pay for the 212 upfront, as well as the shipping cost for BB2, & I would also be fine waiting until you received the BB2 back from me to wait on the transaction for the 212… I hope we can work something out, as I truly do love your cabs, but would simply prefer to have 1 BB2 & 1 Barefaced 212, instead of 2 BB2’s.


Hi Shane,
Unfortunately the shipping cost back here will be far too high for that to make sense - you'd be better off financially selling the second BB2 more locally. I will say though, as someone who's around all these cabs a lot, I'd rather gig with two BB2s than one BT2 from a portability perspective, though I'd rather gig with one ST than two SCs. I'd use the dual BB2 stack, it's really great.
Best regards,

08/12/19 - Big Baby 2 - UK

Wanted to let you know that it’s an unequivocal thumbs up for the cabinet which has been well and truly tested on several gigs now and sounds amazingly natural across the whole aural spectrum. Needles to say I’ll be keeping the unit! 


21/04/2019 - Big Baby 2 - USA

"Well, it sounds like the Big Baby 2 will be a huge leap forwards!"

OK, that has to be the understatement of 2019.

I purchased one of these cabs through someone else recently (issues with my card). In a market full of mediocre products and the marketing blitzkrieg of name-brand guitar centre bs, it's damn near impossible to come across a product that you save up and dish out the big $$ for that lives up to one's expectations and then exceeds them. This was the case with all three components of my rig pictured below, none of which I'd heard anything about at all until earlier this year when I spent hours researching online. The Birdsong bass is amazing in that it promises (and delivers) heavy-weight tone in the form of a featherweight instrument. It is truly a wonder to play, and in 99 cases out of 100 i'm sure it would be the key component of any bass rig setup. HOWEVER...I have shown off my new rig to quite a few people (I can't help it really) and without fail, all EVERYONE seems to want to talk about is the big baby 2. "Where did you hear of this brand?", "why is it so light?", "what speakers are they using?", etc etc etc no one and I mean no one can believe their eyes/ears, that includes me. I'm ridiculously short, barely 5'2 and weigh in at 100 odd pounds. I CAN CARRY MY BASS, CABINET, AMP/PEDALS/CABLES FROM MY CAR TO THE VENUE IN ONE TRIP, CABINET IN MY LEFT HAND, WITH NO PROBLEM AT ALL.
I was thinking of putting casters on it until I took it out of the house for the first time and realized that'd be completely useless and unnecessary. The website says to wait a few gigs for the speakers to break in. Well I honestly don't know anything about that, this thing sounded amazing right out of the box, at low volumes AND high volumes, doesn't matter, the tone remains the same: phenomenal. I don't have to push this thing at all to handle playing with a live band. Oh yeah lest we forget this thing also looks killer as well, as proven in the pictures I included in this obnoxiously lengthy email. All three components, bass, amp, and cab, have found a permanent home and I could not be more happy with my decision to acquire them. And no I definitely do not write letters like this about everything I buy, like i said this is truly the ultimate bass cabinet and the true star of my new rig. Thank you guys, you've made my year (and with any luck my career) !!!

20/04/19 - Super Midget + Big Baby 2 - USA

Played the American Airlines Center Party on the Plaza a coupla weeks ago. Amazing sound space that the SM+BB2 filled with some deep, tight tone

23/10/17 - Big Baby 2 - Netherlands

I really enjoy the cab, the dispersion is great.. no more finding a sweet spot to be heard.
Indoor i've got more power then i can handle 😉 (without getting feedback).
Can't wait for outdoor festivals next summer, should be a blast.

The clarity (tone) is also superb; something i really dig with double bass.

Thanks for the input on the HF; my double bass doesn't have allot of treble, that'll explain why i wont hear much difference.